Skin care products. 

Skin care products. 

Beautiful to be easy. Skin care products. 

Skin care products. Let’s talk not about health, but about beauty. In my deep conviction, for the well-being of any woman, what she looks like is extremely important.

I myself try not to use purchased creams and other chemical products: the effect is not always what you expect.
But natural remedies always work for sure.

I have accumulated quite a lot of recipes, but I want to tell you about the simplest ones, because no one has too much time now either.

Skin care products. 

Therefore, my beauty recipes will be, as they say, in one line.

• It is very useful to apply castor oil around the eyes before bedtime.

• In case of hair loss, rub burdock into the scalp.

• Grease your hands and elbows with the rest of the squeezed lemon. So that the skin on them will not be rough.

• As a mask for dry skin, you can use fresh juice of sea buckthorn.

• A good body peeling is obtained from coffee grounds. The required amount of which can be collected in a few days.

• Hair becomes mahogany color. It is necessary to add to the packaging of henna 3-4 cocoa capsules.

• To improve the complexion. Make masks from a mixture of honey and salt. These masks have a rejuvenating effect.

• In the morning and in the evening you need to wipe your face with tea. Brew tea with mineral water with a piece of sugar. This product is suitable for any skin.

• For deep facial cleansing, use beaten egg yolk and lemon juice.

• To clean the skin of the face. You can apply a mixture of dry oatmeal with water and plain yogurt.

• When acne. Well help mask of grated apple and a small amount of honey.

• To strengthen hair. You have to rub buckwheat into the scalp.

Try using these simple recipes. You will find that being beautiful is easy.

Skin care products. 





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