Natural hair products.

Natural hair products.

The secret of beauty. Natural hair products.

Natural hair products. Although every possible cosmetic means preserve our youth and beauty as much as possible, but the internal health of the organism is very important.

For example, a person eats vegetative food, refused salt, and the allergy does not pass — this can be found very often.
The way out: give up sugar. By the way, I would like to note that allergies can cause any carcinogen accumulated in the body, or a preservative.

Natural hair products.

Sugar, which is contained in fruits and vegetables, is absorbed by the body completely. Sugar or sweets that we buy in stores, the body is not digested. Moreover, it is not excreted from the body two, three times.

A has the property of accumulating, causing allergic diseases (as well as salt). To make the blood dead and cause diseases of the internal organs.

Sugar and salt deprive a person of the natural taste of products. Because at present the organism of an ordinary person is like a salted-sweet «dried fish», with a tongue devoid of sensitivity.

If you give up salt and sugar, your appearance will improve much. And since high medicine determines the health of a person from its external data, your appearance will be a mirror image of your inner strength.

As an appendage I want to suggest an easy way to restore hair faster: any shampoo to foam and leave on hair for 15-30 minutes, and then rinse with water.

«Shampoo» at home. Natural hair products.

The beauty of a person is largely determined by the look of his hair. After all, it is the hair that gives the inimitable appearance to man. And beauty and health gives hair, first of all, volume. I want to tell the recipe for balm to increase the volume of hair.

The hair does not stick together, does not lose its luster, becomes obedient, retains the splendor in the collected hair. And if the hair is perm, hair becomes only more beautiful.

In 500 g of water pour 2 teaspoons of lean oil, make a paste. You can use flour, but starch is better! Dosage should be calculated depending on the length of the hair. And what remains, can be stored in the refrigerator. After washing the hair, when the hair begins to dry out, apply to them the resulting mass, like an ordinary gel, only a more liquid consistency.

Water has an antistatic effect, it is well absorbed itself and helps to absorb other components into the hair.
Starch (flour) forms a film that protects the hair from drying, prevents evaporation of water and oil from the hair, oil makes the hair shiny and elastic.


Natural hair products.

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