Clear skin.

Clear skin.

Soap is the best medicine.

Clear skin.

Problems with the skin I always had — then acne, then inflammation, and even boils, and even such patients. Clear skin.

Once sitting in the queue to the doctor with another boil, I talked with an elderly woman. Has shared with it the trouble.
She advised me to buy a black laundry soap.

Cut off a piece of it. Dampen it. Roll your fingers into the ball, which must be rolled in the sugar.

Slightly crumple and cake for the night to a sore spot. Reception of the doctor I at that time and did not wait. I went to the hardware store.
And the next morning the pain was gone. The furuncle opened.

He began to heal. By the way, in the same way I get rid of acne.

Charge for skin. Clear skin.

You need to take 200-250 ml of mineral water, bring to a boil and steam it 2 tbsp. spoons of grass.

For dry and normal skin — mint, birch leaves. For oily, combined — nettle, chamomile, calendula. Decoction to close. Insist 20-30 minutes, then strain. Store the resulting lotion in the refrigerator for no longer than 5 days.

Wipe them face every time after washing. Then it is good to wipe the pieces of ice, prepared from the same mineral water.

This procedure is good for narrowing the blood vessels, pores. From ice massage, facial muscles contract and strengthen. It’s like charging for the skin, training. Wrinkles will not appear longer!


Clear skin.

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