Senna leaves for weight loss.

Senna leaves for weight loss.

Senna leaves for weight loss.

The effectiveness of this plant in the fight against excess weight is based on its laxative and purifying action.

Senna leaves are used as raw materials. For weight loss, they can be used both in pure form and as part of herbal preparations or teas.

The main substance, thanks to which the leaves of senna act as a laxative and cleansing agent, are anthraglycosides.

When they enter the gastrointestinal tract, they begin to irritate the receptors of the mucous membrane and increase the motility of the colon. Thus, the removal of waste products from the body is improved and accelerated.

But this herb is not only a mild and effective laxative. Senna leaves are the purification of the whole body of toxins and toxins, which are often the main cause of excess weight gain.


No diet will be effective enough if the body is not cleansed and its work returns to normal. Therefore, the fight against excess weight must begin with the elimination of toxins from the body.

Only a clean intestine, a well-functioning liver and the entire gastrointestinal tract will allow the body to process nutrients normally and not accumulate extra pounds.

Senna leaves are actively used for weight loss, because they:

They have a laxative effect, remove even old feces from the body; while the laxative effect is not accompanied by spasms.
Increases peristalsis in the colon.
They reduce secretion, which interferes with the absorption of fats.
They prevent the accumulation of fat reserves.
Eliminate bile and toxins, improving liver function.
Such excellent properties of this plant have been noticed for a long time and formed the basis of an easy diet for weight loss.


This diet is very simple and not burdensome. To maintain shape and lose kilograms, you need to observe only a few restrictions:

Don’t eat after 6 pm.
Take a mixture of senna leaves and dried fruit regularly.
This will require 100 g each:

Dried apricots.
Steamed senna leaves.

This mixture is twisted and eaten overnight in 1 tablespoon. The course is 3 weeks.

Senna leaves purify the body, and the rest of the ingredients replenish the supply of vitamins and trace elements.

After all, do not forget that senna leaves are a laxative, and like any such remedy, together with toxins they remove useful substances from the body.

Therefore, in this diet, senna leaves for weight loss are used together with foods known for their high content of all substances necessary for the body.

Despite the fact that senna leaves are very effective for weight loss, you should not overuse this remedy.

You will achieve the greatest results if you use other medicinal plants for weight loss, such as flax leaves, alternating with senna.


Senna leaves for weight loss.

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