Why are blueberries useful.

Why are blueberries useful.

Why are blueberries useful.

Help with diabetes and colds, improve vision and digestion.


Blueberry shoots are most often used for diabetes mellitus: they are used alone or as part of diabetic preparations. They help keep blood sugar levels within the normal range. Long-term use has a beneficial effect on the work of the pancreas.

One of the most common problems for diabetics is visual impairment. In this case, both shoots and berries will help. Blueberries have been proven effective on many occasions. It improves the condition of fiber and twilight vision, improves visual acuity.


Using blueberries for the eyes is useful not only for diabetes. Due to the minimum number of contraindications, it is recommended even for children.

If a child has the first signs of myopia or his eyes are exposed to constant stress (TV, computer, tablet, reading books), it is simply necessary to take medications based on it.

Today, many people abuse vasoconstrictor eye drops to get rid of redness. In this case, the use of blueberries will also help, since they improve the blood supply to the eye.

It is important that you can not wait for serious problems to arise, but use blueberries for prevention.

Blueberries allow you to preserve eyesight for a long time, even for those who, due to their activity, are forced to subject their eyes to constant stress. In particular, this natural remedy is recommended for pilots.

The berries and shoots of this plant are known for their astringent properties. This is why they are effective for diarrhea.

Blueberries are a safe and quick remedy for indigestion in children. Funds based on it also help to cope with the processes of fermentation and putrefaction in the intestines.

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, blueberries are recommended for inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract and respiratory organs. With ARVI, it also has an expectorant effect, with pharyngitis it is used for rinsing.


Of course, fresh berries should be consumed in season. They can be prepared for the winter in different ways. It is best to freeze (whole or grind with sugar) or dry.

If you cook jam or preserves, most of the vitamins are destroyed. That is, it is not worth using blueberries for vision in this way, but the benefits for the digestive tract system remain.

Blueberry shoots can be treated all year round. To do this, it is enough to purchase high-quality raw materials in a pharmacy.

It is important that it is from an environmentally safe area. Infusions are made from the shoots. The proportions depend on the disease and the method of application (inside, outwardly, for rinsing). In this regard, you need to consult your doctor.

Take from 1 tsp. up to 2 tbsp. l. dry shoots in 200 ml of water. Insist 45 minutes. Drink a third of a glass 3 times a day.


Refuse blueberry treatment for those who suffer from constipation. Astringency will make the situation worse. It is noteworthy that allergic reactions to blueberries are very rare, which means that it can be used by allergy sufferers.

Also, blueberries are contraindicated in urolithiasis. Because of it, the body will secrete oxalic acid (excreting salt in the urine).

Why are blueberries useful.

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