Mumie for weight loss: how to take.

Mumie for weight loss: how to take.

Mumie for weight loss: how to take.

Often, diet pills are bought by people who do not want to sit on diets and exercise. Do not forget that the use of unchecked drugs can lead to negative consequences for the body, so be sure to consult a doctor before using them.

Using «magic» tablets called «Mummy», do not think that the fat cells will go away, the remedy only helps in the process of losing weight. Customize that you have to make a lot of efforts to lose weight.

How to drink Mumiye for weight loss?

Before you start to drink Mumiye tablets for weight loss, you should know how to properly use them and act according to this pattern: take the drug in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening no more than an hour after eating. Do not forget to pause for a month in order to avoid getting used to, and then you can drink pills again until you are satisfied with your weight. The course of weight loss lasts about 20 days, however, doctors are not advised to spend it more than four times a year.

Therefore, during the use of Mumiye tablets, harmful products should be excluded. For effective weight loss, dilute your diet with fresh fruits, vegetables, proteins, seafood, nuts, porridges. Refuse carbonated drinks, sweet, flour, smoked and fried foods.

An interesting fact: if you drink green tea daily and eat lemons, applying the drug — the process of losing weight will go much faster. And if you will not only comply with food, but also exercise regularly — success is guaranteed to you.

It is still very important to adhere to the dosage of tablets. A single dose of the drug is calculated based on the body weight of the person:

0.2 g — with weight up to 70 kg;
0,3 g — up to 80 kg;
0,4 g — up to 90 kg.

The product has side effects, so before you take Mumiye for weight loss, be sure to consult a doctor. It is categorically contraindicated in case of increased blood pressure, internal bleeding, disorders of the nervous system, oncological diseases. And the drug is not recommended for children under 12 years of age, pregnant women and during breastfeeding.

Mumie for weight loss — recipes

Cellulite is a cosmetic problem for many women, which does not bring physical discomfort to its owners, but creates a sense of embarrassment because of its unaesthetic appearance. To correct the appearance will help the mummy, which is used not only inside, but also externally.

You do not have to spend a lot of money for the services of expensive beauty salons, because you can independently make a wrapping cream. To do this, dissolve Mumiye tablet in boiling water (1 tsp), mix with tonic or milk. Obtain the ointment applied to the problem area, which is covered with polyethylene, and on top of it, wrap yourself in a towel for about an hour. This process helps to increase the flow of blood to the skin, accelerate the metabolic processes.

Follow the procedure once a day, and soon you will notice how the cellulite gradually goes away.


Mumie for weight loss how to take


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