The three most harmful diets.

The three most harmful diets.

The three most harmful diets.

Fasting Diet

The most unhealthy diet is certainly fasting. This is when food is generally removed from food, and only water remains, because a person cannot live without water, he will live only a few days.

Therefore, it remains to eat only water. The effect of this diet is obvious — a person loses weight.

The three most harmful diets.

But the physiology of human metabolism is such that the body does not receive energetic material, but the energetic material is primarily carbohydrates and only then it will be fats, and then at the very end of proteins, then the body itself begins to act autonomously, i.e. independently begins to accumulate in the liver all the fat that is in the body.

Thus, the liver cells are filled with fatty tissue. At the moment when a person is starving, eating nothing and drinking only water, liver cells begin to quickly accumulate fat in themselves, as if turning on a protective function.

Cells accumulate this fat and liver dystrophy occurs. Liver cells are filled with fat and then simply destroyed. Chunks of fat replace liver tissue. The diet ends with cirrhosis of the liver. Those. fasting leads to fatty degeneration of the liver, and then to cirrhosis.

In addition, starvation diets are very heavy due to the lack of sugar, which feeds the brain. A person, being in a state of hunger and desire to eat, breaks down and begins to eat a lot and the result is such that instead of the lost 2 kg. is gaining 4 kg. weight.

Protein (low carb) diet

A low-carb diet i.e. protein. This is a diet with a predominance of meat and no carbohydrates. This diet reduces weight, but there are health risks.

Processed meat, especially red meat, contains carcinogens that lead to oncological diseases of the digestive tract. With protein diets, there is a risk of developing and developing cancer.

All of these foods are rich in cholesterol, consuming large amounts of cholesterol can lead to atherosclerosis. Such diets lead to kidney stones and kidney failure.


Vegetarianism, i.e. eating only vegetables and fruits. But some of these foods contain a very high glycemic index and cause a constant desire to eat. For example, boiled potatoes, beets and carrots.

They have a very high glycemic index over 85. Foods that increase appetite and lead to fat deposition. This happens with carbohydrates.

But the complete absence of meat in vegetarianism also has a neurological ending, because a person does not receive additional vitamins, such as B12, for example.

A person needs this vitamin for the formation of red blood cells and in order for the impulse to pass through the nerves correctly. Thus, with a deficiency of vitamin B12, a person can even lose the sensitivity of peripheral nerve endings.

Vegetarianism is unthinkable without vegetable oil. The calorie content of vegetable oil is 900-1000 kcal per 100 grams. This is a super high-calorie product. And when everything is poured on it, then obesity is inevitable.

The three most harmful diets.

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