For a slim figure.

For a slim figure.

For a slim figure.

For a slim figure. First of all, rose hips are known as a storehouse of vitamins: therefore, it is used to strengthen the immune system. Ascorbic acid in berries is 10 times more than in black currant, 50 times more than in lemon, and 100 times more than in apples.

The properties of rose hips for weight loss were noticed recently, and today they are actively used. Rosehip is not used as a primary weight loss aid. But it is quite an effective aid.


The elements and vitamins that make up the chemical composition of rose hips have different effects on metabolic processes in the body:

organic acids affect the acceleration of metabolism, and, as a result, fat is burned faster;
calcium activates fat metabolism;
potassium has a beneficial effect on the work of the excretory system and maintains the water-salt balance;
pectin helps to normalize the intestines, eliminate toxins and release it from toxins;
coarse fiber and pectin substances affect the cleansing of the body, dull the feeling of hunger;
vitamin C neutralizes the action of free radicals.

So, the beneficial properties of rose hips for weight loss are as follows:

improving the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract;
stimulation of metabolic processes;
increased fluid withdrawal (diuretic effect);
reduction of edema and congestion;
normalization of blood circulation and lymph flow.

That is why rose hips are effective in the fight against extra pounds. In addition, with the use of rose hips, the body receives vitamin support.


Tea made from fruits will help in weight control and detoxification. There are different ways to prepare it.

The easiest way is to brew dried berries in a thermos (3 tablespoons per liter of boiling water) and leave overnight. Drink rosehip tea for weight loss up to 5 times a day between meals.

Another simple way recommended for losing weight is the use of a decoction of bush fruits. The recipe is simple: 2 tbsp. tablespoons of crushed fruits with the addition of 500 ml of water are brought to a boil, after which they are boiled for another 15 minutes.

The finished product is covered with a lid and left to infuse for 2 hours.

The course of taking a decoction for weight loss is 3 weeks. Instead of water, this remedy is consumed one hour before a meal. The broth cannot be sweetened.

Weight loss result:

cleansing the body of toxins and toxins;
release from fecal accumulations;
removal of excess fluid;
a decrease in hunger and, as a result, a smaller amount of food eaten.
Rosehip is taken during fasting days, which are recommended to be carried out once a week. Also, the infusion is used as one of the elements of the diet for 10 days.

Depending on the recipe, rosehip-based slimming drinks can be prepared with the addition of other plants that have fat-burning properties (raisins, ginger, figs).

Like any medicinal plant, rose hips have some contraindications. Before any diet, you need to consult a dietitian, the rosehip diet is no exception.

For a slim figure.

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