Milk diet.

Milk diet.

Milk diet.

Dairy diet. The fresh diet. Diets that work.

Milk diet. Today it is impossible to find someone who at least a few days in the life of not sitting on a diet. Of course, the reasons that lead a person to follow the diet and adhere to a strict menu a lot, but the main one is — the desire to throw a little weight. But how to choose the «right» diet, because they are now set.

Milk diet.

Those who really want to lose weight, and it does not harm the body, should pay attention to the milk diet. Every day, she appears more and more supporters, which, however, not surprising, since its foundation — milk, one of the most important products for humans.

It contains many vitamins — A, B, C, and E, plus the — mineral substances that play an important role in the human body. And nature itself is defined — milk- first food that a person gets to be born. And throughout life, it is always present in our diet.

Milk diet. There are several types of breast diet.

Strict — recommended for «emergency» diet, that is, after sitting on this diet for 3-4 days can lose 3-5 kg. The essence of the diet is simple — during the day you need to drink a glass of milk every 2-3chasa, but not more than one per day.

First «B» should not be used to 8am. If you feel that you stay on such a diet is difficult — at the end of the day you can drink a glass of vegetable or fruit juice. The most available to us is cow’s milk, so use mainly it. But if you want to experiment — you can replace the goat, which many call the more useful.

But there is a caveat — because this diet is quite a strong test for the organism, it is not recommended to sit on it for more than 4 days. Otherwise, you can lose with kilograms and health.

To reduce the stress caused by the body during the diet can additionally take a multivitamin.
More intrusive option — milk-vegetable diet.

Milk diet.

This diet is for those who find it difficult to withstand harsh dairy diet. Adhering molochno0ovoschnoy diet, you should consume the following products:

— Milk, kefir, yoghurt, cheese, cheese, cottage cheese;

— Freshly made fruit and vegetable juices, salads, casseroles;

— Bread with bran, corn porridge, eggs, mineral water without gas.

Many include this diet menu has dishes from lean fish and white meat.

Approximate menu with milk-vegetable diet:

Breakfast: a glass of milk or yogurt, 150 grams of cheese, bread and bran.

Second breakfast: orange, grapefruit or apple, a glass of water without gas.

Lunch: milk soup, steamed fish or meat, salad, milk.

Dinner: milk porridge, vegetable casserole, cheese, fruit, yogurt.

Before going to bed you can drink a glass of milk with honey. During the breaks the milk should drink between meals.

Compliance with such a diet for a week, not only relieve your body from 3-5 extra kilos, but also give strength, a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora of the skin condition.

But remember — any diet is stressful for the body, so the choice should be approached carefully. It is best to consult with a specialist, which assessed the state of health, will select the most suitable diet for you.


Milk diet.

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