Cleansing the gallbladder.

Cleansing the gallbladder.

Cleansing the gallbladder.

The funds, which have dissolved gallstones, to my knowledge, in scientific and folk medicine there is.
Therefore, of particular importance are two methods to deal with gallstone disease: Surgical and Phytotherapy.

Prior to purification procedures go through the usual X-ray to find out the shape, structure, size of stones and what changes have occurred with the gall bladder, and liver ducts.

The stones are:

1. Cholesterol, round or oval. Usually single.

2. The pigment (bilirubin and consist of lime) is always very small and numerous.

3. The cholesterol-pigment-calcium that is mixed. They are multiple, varying shapes and sizes. Sometimes there and monoliths.

Cleansing the gallbladder.

If you have the expansion of equity ducts up to 5 mm, and most importantly to 6-7 mm, it is possible to deduce the size of rocks mixed in diameter and 5 mm. In the case where all the channels are normal, mixed to release the stones should be as small as 3 mm, although in practice it is different.

Through duct (main) are mixed stones up to 6.5 mm. Bile ducts and bladder, such as rubber. The wall of the gallbladder has a thickness of 1.2 mm, and gallbladder withstand filling volume from 100 to 160 ml. Although the rate of 8 to 42 ml.

And now, without fear and risk will start cleaning the gallbladder by the Serbian.

Take a liter of cabbage pickle, 400 g of olive oil and the juice of four lemons. All three components are mixed and close the lid.
The mixture was kept in a dark and cool place. One day before the cleanse not eat anything!

Cleansing the gallbladder.

Before the procedure, the mixture was heated to 20 °, to prepare a hot-water bottle with salt water, the watch and a bucket with a heater.
Treatment start with receiving 100 g of a mixture. Put a heating pad on the right side and lay in bed. Every 25-30 minutes, continue to receive a mixture of 100 g — you need to drink the entire mixture.

For 4-5 hours of the gallbladder is completely free of sand and stones. They will come out with feces. During the procedure may appear attacks of pain, and diarrhea — it is necessary to suffer.

After cleansing should drink a tablespoon of chamomile infusion — 10 g of flowers pour a glass of boiling water, leave for half an hour. Camomile tea drink 4 times a day for 10 days. If the pain disappear before 10 days, taking chamomile stop.

It sometimes happens that a weak pain persists after the full course of treatment. Then you should drink 10% infusion of fennel — 1 part of raw materials take 10 parts of boiling water (you can replace dandelion fennel, calendula, viburnum berries or cranberries, rose hips, etc.).

Serbian recipe tested by me many times. But all strongly advise to consult a gastroenterologist purification.



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