When it comes to weight loss diets, we have always presented a rather large list of exceptions and limitations. They need to be followed for a long time. But in fact, you should not give up your favorite dishes. If you want to lose weight. Try hronodietu, and you will understand a lot. Losing weight is not as difficult as it seems.

Chronodiet is a power system. The essence of which is that any products can be safely used. If you do it at the right time, that depends on the biorhythms.
In other words, if you eat food that the body is ready to digest at any time. Metabolism is optimized. All nutrients are digested to the extent you need. And no fat reserves are ever delayed. The most difficult thing in a chronodiet is to train yourself to eat according to the regime.

Harmony mode.

Ideally, eating in accordance with the biorhythms of the body is necessary for life. And you need to train yourself to such a diet. As soon as you decide to lose weight.
All you need to eat at the same time. Only in this way will the chrono system work.

Diet is as follows.

Breakfast — from 6:30 to 9:30 PM,
Lunch — from 12:00 to 13:30,
Tea time — from 17:00 to 18:30,
and dinner — not later than one hour before bedtime.

You can refuse dinner. Lunch must be present in the daily schedule. In this mode, turn on your metabolism after a while. In order to return to normal life. Weight will start to decrease. But quick results can be expected. As a rule, the process of normalization of metabolism takes at least two months. But after three or four months you will see that the chronopath system works well.


We eat from morning till evening.

Breakfast is a must-have meal. It starts your metabolism for the whole day. This means: the more modest your breakfast, the slower your metabolism during the day. Breakfast should be full and satisfying.

In the morning, the body actively secretes lipase, a proteolytic enzyme, insulin. These are the substances that best process fats and proteins in building materials for cells. For breakfast you can not eat anything sweet. Because in the morning in the body decreases the level of sugar from any piece of chocolate. Sugar jumps up too hard. Then it drops as well, and you feel tired.

For breakfast the following foods are good: eggs, butter, cheese, bread, cereals.

By lunchtime, the morning action of the enzymes still persists. Therefore, you should eat animal protein and starchy vegetables, including potatoes.

In the afternoon, the body begins the peak moment of production of insulin, which converts sugar into energy, which compensates for the fatigue. Therefore, during the afternoon snack you can treat yourself to dried fruits and sweets. Ideally suited apples baked with honey and nuts.

By evening, the production of enzymes is being phased out, digestion slows down. Therefore, there are non-nutritive food to need dinner: fish, white meat and light vegetable salads.

Rules hronodiety.

• When hronopitaniya system, each meal should consist of a single dish, rather than changing a few different dishes.

• It is recommended to all kinds of meat only 3 times a week. Fish and seafood can eat every day.

• Limit the number of side dish (starchy vegetables, legumes, cereals). Only 9 of Art. spoons a day.

• Do not eat bananas, carrots, beets due to the high glycemic index. Limit your intake of dairy products and milk.

• You can forget about the limitations of 1 — 2 times a week. You can eat chocolate for breakfast or pizza for dinner.

• Acceptable use of red wine, but white wine, beer and spirits is not recommended during holiday feasts

Estimated daily menu.

• Breakfast: two eggs scrambled eggs with parsley and tomatoes, butter and cheese sandwich, coffee or tea (without sugar).

• Lunch: chicken cutlets, mashed potatoes.

• Afternoon snack: dark chocolate (30 g).

• Dinner: baked fish, cucumber and tomato salad.


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