Arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism

We are young, yet healthy joints

In Eastern medicine it is believed that a person is young and healthy as far as its young and healthy joints. This is a fairly accurate marker of our physical condition, and one of the first signs of aging do not wrinkle, namely breach of the musculoskeletal system …

Arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism?

Many people, when they have joint pain, think that they begin rheumatism, but it is not always. Similar pain in the joints can be in other pathologies, such as ankylosing spondylitis, when there is simultaneously limited movement of the spine, Reiter’s disease, not only when the affected joints and eyes, genitourinary organs.
The true cause of joint pain is sometimes difficult to understand, and therefore it is necessary to consult a doctor who will prescribe a comprehensive survey to establish the diagnosis. But by the nature of the disease can assume that was the cause.

Arthrosis develops slowly, and rheumatoid arthritis attacks rapidly, often accompanied by fever, general poor health.
If time does not get adequate treatment, then in 1-2 years can be disabled. Fortunately, rheumatoid arthritis suffer no more than 3% of patients in the other joint pain associated with degenerative changes typical of osteoarthritis, which occurs more beneficial and easier to treat.

We will understand with arthritis

Arthritis — inflammation of the joints — can have various causes — infection (bacterial, viral or fungal), which falls into the joint through the bloodstream from other organs — kidney, intestine, the patients teeth, etc., trauma, allergies, high physical activity , damage to the nervous system and others.
The development of reactive arthritis often provoke other diseases, such as infections of the genitourinary system.
The reason may be a total violation of mineral metabolism, when the joints are not malnourished.
In the initial stage of the disease occur pain during exercise, walking, running, in the morning after sleep.
In the chronic form of arthritis pain becomes constant, the joints swell, redden and eventually deformed motion in them are limited.

Traditional treatment of arthritis depends on the underlying cause of the disease, and antibiotics are usually prescribed non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Sometimes, for the relief of acute inflammation are administered directly into the joint capsule. Outside exacerbation used means of physiotherapy and therapeutic exercises, allowing to maintain joint mobility.

Osteoarthritis or arthritis? What is the difference?

Osteoarthritis — it’s not an inflammatory process, and it has nothing to do with arthritis, chronic rheumatic fever, although the symptoms may be similar.
Osteoarthritis appears a sharp pain in the joint under load, remitting alone, limited in movement, muscle tension in the joint, clicks and crackle, joint deformity. When osteoarthritis is the destruction of cartilage and inflammation joined only later and may be unstable.

Osteoarthritis may develop on the basis of rheumatic, with varicose veins, vascular sclerosis, stroke.
There are primary and secondary osteoarthritis.

Primary osteoarthritis is observed in approximately half of patients and affects, as a rule, healthy joint, for example, at high physical exertion.

Secondary osteoarthritis develops in an already painful joints, after injuries suffered by infections, and so on. D.

More properly called osteoarthritis arthritis where joint damage associated with malnutrition articular cartilage and its destruction.

Arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism

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