Hydradenitis treatment

Unpleasant inflammation. Hydradenitis treatment.

In summer, many people are faced with a very unpleasant problem. It is an inflammation of the sweat glands. Hydradenitis treatment.
However, this problem is all-season. Just in the summer sweat glands have to work in a strengthened mode. And people often use antipersperants, which provokes inflammation.

Why is sweat glands inflamed? Is it possible to fight this?

Hydradenitis treatment.

Sweat glands are simple tubular glands. They are found in almost all areas of the skin. The total number of them is about 2-2.5 million.

Especially rich in sweat glands are the skin of fingers and toes, palms and soles, axillary hollows and inguinal folds.

The secret of sweat glands — sweat — contains 98% of water and 2% of a dense residue of organic and inorganic substances.

As is known, then products of protein metabolism (urea, uric acid, ammonia) are isolated. And some salts are also released (sodium chloride).

Hydradenitis treatment.

Hydradenitis, purulent inflammation of sweat glands, which we are talking about, usually occurs in the armpits.
They are more often sick with people suffering from excessive sweating.

Predispose to the disease dermatitis, minor skin trauma, non-compliance with personal hygiene. Conditions are created for the penetration of microbes into the ducts of the sweat glands.

At the beginning of the disease, one or more dense, painful, pea-sized nodules appear in the depth of the subcutaneous tissue.
Nodules quickly increase to the size of a walnut.
Later, the seal surface becomes uneven, purple-red in color.

After 10-15 days, the pus begins to melt when the infiltration melts. Along with severe pains, there is a chill, a general malaise, and the body temperature rises.

If you are suspected of inflammation of the sweat glands: they swelled and there was pain, then you can carefully lubricate the affected area with ichthyol ointment and tie it.
In no case can not rub the sick glands. If discomfort does not go away and an abscess appears on the gland, then you need to see a doctor for an autopsy.

The very opening of an abscess is by no means impossible. It can cause blood poisoning. The doctor can also prescribe antibiotics and autohemotherapy. In the case of recurrent forms, specific immunotherapy, restorative medications, is indicated.
Locally use dry heat, UHF.

A good effect is provided by the infiltration of the infiltrate with an antibiotic solution in novocaine. In the treatment of hydradenitis, x-ray therapy is successfully used.

Patients with hydradenitis in order to prevent exacerbations should be excluded from the dietary intake of alcohol, spicy seasonings, limit sweets. It is recommended to include foods rich in vitamines A, C, E and iron.

Treatment of purulent inflammation of the sweat glands with folk remedies.

Hydradenitis treatment.

1) «Hydradenite» or, as its people call it, the bony udder, is very well treated as follows.
Grate 50 g of laundry soap.
Add 50 g of minced meat onions.
Pour all 150 g of hot pork fat.
To stir thoroughly. Apply the prepared ointment to the internal abscess.
It will pass very quickly.

2) If you often have abscesses in the armpits, then try this recipe.
Take the rye flour. Mix it with sour cream.
Make a cake and attach to an abscess for the night.
Hand put the sheet to the body.
In the morning, remove everything and throw it away.
One or two times enough for the abscess to pass.

3) Cure Hydradenitis can be done with honey dough.
1 tbsp. A spoonful of honey needs to be heated on a water bath.
Mix with flour. Knead the cake.
At night apply it to the sore spot in the form of a compress.
Cover the top with a plastic bag to insulate.
The next night, replace the honey cake with fresh.
And so do until everything clears up.


Hydradenitis treatment.

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