Allergic reaction rash.

Allergic reaction rash.

Medicinal plants for allergies. Allergic reaction rash.

Who suffers from an allergy, he knows how difficult it is for us, allergic people — and many products are banned, and herbs. In the spring and summer just a nightmare! You do not know already, why it pours from the nose, breathes «through time», and sometimes people get ashamed — the skin is covered with a crust.

Allergic reaction rash.

It is very difficult to select medicinal plants that can be used for various allergic diseases.
This is due to the fact that it is difficult to foresee what active substance of the medicinal plant or on their combinations can negatively react to this patient. That is, an allergic reaction may occur.

Therefore, after carrying out allergic tests, taking into account the history and clinical examination, it is possible to try to select medicinal plants for complex treatment of a particular patient.
And in the beginning, against the background of the usual diet. Diet is recommended for patients with allergies.

Give to drink 1/3 cup of this or that medicinal plant.
This plant should have an antiallergic effect.
If within 48 hours there will be no negative reaction, then it is possible to recommend the infusion of this plant for treatment.

Classics of herbal medicine. Allergic reaction rash. 

First of all use licorice root and herbaceous alternatives. This has already been tested for decades and in many cases helps.

From liquorice prepare a decoction:
Root the ground. 1 tsp pour 200 ml of water. On low heat, boil for 30 minutes with the lid closed. 60 minutes to insist.
Adults drink 1/3 cup. Take 3 times a day regardless of food.

From the turn prepare infusion for the inner and decoction for external use.

For the present. Grind grass (1 tablespoon) pour 0.5 liters of water. On low heat, with the lid closed, boil for 15 minutes. Insist 30 minutes. Drink 1/2 cup 4 times a day for adults, regardless of food. The course is not less than 2-3 months.
For broth 4-5 st. Spoon the ground grass with 800 ml of water. Boil on low heat with the lid closed for 25 minutes. Insist 50 minutes. Use for lotions, wet wipes, baths for allergic skin rashes.

Choose herbs with caution! Allergic reaction rash. 

You can also use other medicinal plants. In particular, those that contain inulin — the root of burdock, dandelion, chicory, elecampane, the grass of mother-and-stepmother, a tartar.
As a rule, a broth is prepared from the root, and infusion is made from the grass.

There is evidence that the following medicinal plants possess the antiallergic effect, and therefore the following medicinal plants are used: the root of badana, the mountaineer of snake, the calgary, the throat;
grass watch, Ivan the tea, verbena, sporis, yarrow, buckwheat, cocklebur;
aplicata alder, leaves of plantain, violets, cetrarium.

Again, do not forget about the trial reception with monitoring the general condition of the patient within 48 hours!

In a number of cases, after consultation with an allergist and under his supervision, antiallergic medicinal plants are used along with medicinal treatment. They should be individually selected. You can prepare antiallergic phytotea.

The recipe for phyto tea. Allergic reaction rash. 

The root of licorice and grass of the sequence — 3 parts,
the roots of burdock and chicory — in 2 parts,
the grass of the yarrow and sorter — 0.5 parts each,
cetrarium — 1 part.

1 tbsp. spoon collection pour 0.5 liters of water. Boil on low heat with the lid closed for 25 minutes. Insist 50 minutes. Drink 1/2 cup 4 times a day, regardless of food. Course 2-3 months.

Contraindication to admission is the individual intolerance of phyto-tea components. Before the beginning of treatment also its trial reception is necessary.


Allergic reaction rash.

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