Treatment of abscesses.

Treatment of abscesses.

Treatment of abscesses.

To accelerate the ripening of an abscess, folk healers recommend such a remedy — grate fresh onions and apply gruel to the affected area;
Bake the onion or boil it in milk, apply it hot to the abscess and bandage it. Change the bulbs every 4-5 hours;
Bake the onion, grind and mix with 1 part of the grated «Baby» soap. Apply the resulting cakes to the abscess, changing every 5 hours. You can use baked garlic instead of onions.

Wonderful Blend Recipe

Here’s a recipe for a wonderful blend that helps with mastitis, osteomyelitis, bruises and abscesses. Take 1 tbsp. spoonful of flour, sugar and stir in a cup. Boil half a glass of fresh milk separately. Reduce heat and add flour and sugar mixture to milk. Stir continuously and cook for 1-2 minutes.

Cool slightly and apply on a piece of cellophane to the washed wound. Tie up with a sterile bandage and cover with something warm. For each dressing, prepare a new batch of the mixture.

My son, having fallen from a tree onto a concrete path, injured his leg. They applied a plaster cast, and the leg began to fester from the inside. I washed my son’s leg wounds with potassium permanganate and applied a bandage with the mixture. I changed it in the morning and in the evening until the wounds healed, and another week after that. During the first two dressings, so much pus and dirt came out that I could not believe my eyes.

Cabbage leaf pharmacy

My grandmother treated many ailments with a cabbage leaf and said: «The cabbage is so good, to put it on the table is beauty, and it is not a pity to throw it away.»

Once with an injection I got an infection. An abscess began. On the advice of my grandmother, I began to apply a cabbage leaf with honey smeared on it to the inflamed area.

The treatment turned out to be long — a month or two, but in one fell swoop she got rid of two sores — along the way, the thigh stopped hurting. You just need to take a sheet without veins and a new one every day.

Strong and useful medicine

I began to pluck a big toe on my left foot around the nail. The pain is such that neither walk nor sleep at night! Three days later, the big toe on the right leg also fell ill. I have diabetes and these abscesses worried me. I decided to use celandine.

Boiled a glass of water and poured 1 tbsp into it. a spoonful of dry celandine. After boiling for 10 minutes, set aside and covered to infuse. After 2 hours, I wet the cotton wool with a still warm broth and put it on the sore fingers. Then she wrapped it in a film, insulated it again and went to bed, at night I felt relief.

The treatment lasted a week. Every morning and evening, I changed the bandage, smeared it with a nourishing cream, which contains chamomile. Soon the abscesses healed, the redness disappeared.

About dry beet leaves

I want to tell you about beet leaves. About 20 years ago, my little son pricked his heel, an abscess formed. One woman suggested tying a beet leaf to the wound. The child immediately stopped screaming and fell asleep. We often changed the leaves, they pulled out the pus, the wound healed quickly.

Since then, I have always kept beetroot leaves dried in a book. Another example. Our mom got an infection during the injections. I remembered the beet leaf. Began to apply. The wound has cleared, healed.

Recently, a neighbor came to me, asked for a leaf of aloe — a splinter in the girl’s nail breaks up. I cut off the aloe and found only one beet leaf in the book, gave it half. She told me to soak it in warm water and put it on my finger.

In the morning, the neighbor said with gratitude that the aloe did not help, but when the beet leaf was applied, the girl stopped screaming and fell asleep. He asked me to give the other half of the leaf. I gave it, of course.

From oil, wax and yolk

I would like to recommend a recipe for one miracle ointment. It helps with sinusitis, purulent abscesses, trophic ulcers. My friend with the help of this ointment cured her trophic ulcer. I took this recipe from my mother.

So, in an enamel bowl, pour one glass of vegetable oil, throw in a piece of wax the size of a matchbox. We put on a small fire so that the wax melts.

Take out the yolk from the pre-cooked hard-boiled egg, take half of it, press with a fork on a platter. And we throw it into a cup with boiling wax, but not the whole half of the yolk at once, but in crumbs.

When the oil boils, you hear, as it were, lumbago, at this moment and throw. With the first egg crumbs, the butter will begin to foam. Everything can be «overboard» in one second.

Pick up the bowl with a rag, remove from the heat for a while, and stir all the time. And so three times. The ointment is ready. Strain it through a nylon tulle folded in half. The resulting ointment can be stored in the refrigerator for a year.

Treatment of abscesses.

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