Abscess treatment with herbs.

Abscess treatment with herbs.

Abscess treatment with herbs.

Abscess (abscess, abscess). It develops when pyogenic microbes (staphylococci, streptococci, etc.) enter the body. They penetrate through damaged skin or mucous membranes, and an abscess forms at the injection site, or spreads from the purulent lesion in the body through the blood and lymph vessels to neighboring tissues or distant organs (brain, liver, lungs, etc.), where it can also form abscess.

Microbes cause purulent inflammation in the tissues, followed by their melting and the formation of a purulent cavity. Due to the protective reaction of the body around the purulent cavity, a membrane is formed that separates the abscess from healthy tissues. In an acute abscess, the amount of pus in the cavity increases rapidly, it can break through the surrounding membrane and pour out onto the surface of the skin or into the cavity of any organ (e.g., intestine, stomach), which contributes to recovery.

But another outcome is possible, when a breakthrough of pus in the surrounding tissues leads to the spread of purulent inflammation — the appearance of phlegmon and even sepsis (blood poisoning). When pus penetrates into a closed cavity (for example, into the chest or abdominal cavity), severe, life-threatening complications — peritonitis and purulent pleurisy can develop.

Therefore, with an abscess, wherever it is (on the skin or in the organ), surgical treatment is indicated — opening the abscess and emptying its cavity.

To prevent an abscess, you must strictly follow the rules of personal hygiene. In case of damage to the skin and mucous membranes (cuts, injections, abrasions, etc.), the area of ​​damage is carefully treated with disinfectant solutions (iodine, brilliant green). You should strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations for inflammatory diseases of the internal organs.

A painful swelling appeared, the skin reddened in the area of ​​an injection, splinter, abrasion — you should immediately consult a doctor. In no case should you use the thermal or cold procedures yourself (heating pads, ice, compresses), rub, massage the swelling: this can lead to dangerous complications.

Abscess treatment with herbs. Recipes:

  1. Aloe tree (agave, sabur).

Outwardly, juice is used in the treatment of burns, trophic ulcers, purulent wounds, osteomyelitis with an open purulent focus, abscesses, phlegmon and other purulent diseases (in the form of lotions and irrigation of wounds and damaged skin areas). Ulcers and purulent wounds are quickly cleaned, the surface of the wound is filled with fresh granulations and epithelized.

The lower leaves of the plant are cut, washed thoroughly with boiled water, cut into small lamellar pieces 0.2-0.3 mm in size, wrapped in gauze and squeezed.

  1. Plantain is large.

Fresh crushed leaves are used externally to stop bleeding from wounds, with abscesses, boils, burns, long-healing wounds or ulcers.

  1. Onions.

To accelerate the maturation of abscesses, use gruel from onions with milk or baked onions, which is applied to the abscess.

Abscess treatment with herbs.
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