How to recognize depression.

How to recognize depression.

How to recognize depression.

How to recognize depression. «I know that depression is considered a serious illness and is much different from just a lack of energy or a bad mood. Is it possible to recognize depression yourself and try to deal with it without the help of a doctor?»

Most of us treat depression lightly, as a caprice. That said, the number of people who seek help from specialists with depression is quite high, and only 10 to 30 percent of cases of depression recognition are timely.

The fact is that in order to quickly cope with depression, it is necessary to «recognize» it in time. This is extremely important for the competent treatment, in some cases, it is possible to do even by yourself.

Therefore, pay attention to such symptoms as:

— Constantly bad, depressed, gloomy, dreary mood.

— Fatigue immediately after even minor physical activity, after a day’s work the forces are not left for anything else. It seems to me that he has not rested for a thousand years, and even a day off does not bring relief.

— You put off plans or doing things, you have no interest in work, you don’t feel like doing anything, and you know you have to do it, and you force yourself with difficulty.

— You cannot concentrate on anything in the presence of an extraneous stimulus — for example, playing music. In communication, you find it difficult to catch the idea of the interlocutor, the essence of the conversation; you find it difficult to retain the meaning of what you are reading.

— The usual self-confidence disappears and the usual indecisiveness that was not peculiar to you before appears.

— Critical, negative evaluation of your past life; everything you have gained before seems useless; there is a feeling that you have always been occupied with things that are not «your own» business.

— Life ceases to be something meaningful, thoughts of death often come to you, you feel hopeless and do not see any prospects.

— Disturbed sleep: insomnia appeared or you began to fall asleep poorly, you wake up and stay awake for a long time at 3-4 in the morning, and after waking up in the morning there is no sense of rest.

— In the absence of various diseases decreased or absent appetite, possibly disgust at the sight and smell of food.

— Thoughts overtake you that you do not succeed in life, there is a sense of professional failure.

A woman’s problem.

It is believed that women suffer from depressive disorders much more often and experience this condition more severely.

Several types of female depression have been identified:

— Postpartum depression is seen in many women in the months following childbirth. A change of social role and concerns piled up all at once often lead to a loss of strength, apathy, a feeling of emptiness, irritability, and tearfulness.

— Age depression is associated, as a rule, with the menopausal period: hormonal changes in women can lead to prolonged changes in mood. In addition, many women experience peculiar complexes concerning their femininity.

— Depression of exhaustion is manifested in chronic fatigue, it occurs most often in those women who overestimate their own strength, take on more responsibility, do not allow yourself to rest.

— Depression of dissatisfaction occurs in situations in which the woman for a long time restrains and does not realize her desires — sexual, domestic, self-realization, etc.

— Medical depression is caused by the abuse of certain medications — such as sleeping pills and sedatives.

How to help yourself?

It is difficult, but possible, to come out of even mild degrees of depression on your own.

In the first place do not allow yourself to be isolated and sit in the four walls — be sure to go out, visit friends, but avoid alcohol!

Do not give up if you have no strength to do housework or other things — apathy and moping, if supported by their inaction, can suck them in like a quagmire.

Extremely helpful to get out of depression exercise, sports.

Experts say that 20 minutes of exercise can remove the gloom and fatigue for the day! If all these measures do not help, it is worth seeking help from your doctor.

How to recognize depression.

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