Treatment for depression.

Treatment for depression.

Treatment for depression.

How to wait for spring? Depression, fatigue.

Late autumn and winter is the most difficult time of the year. Cold, early darkness.
It is not surprising that many at this time overcome depression. So I just was. Insomnia, loss of appetite, fatigue, etc. In this state, about any activity can be no question.

Go to work through effort. At home, too, did not want to do anything. I don’t like going to doctors. Especially with this «nonsense.» I also will not listen to a local therapist. People have more serious problems. It is good that I have a girlfriend. She is a neurologist by profession.

It was she who told me that the nervous system needed to be cherished. And during the depression you should not be afraid to burden yourself with affairs. In order to not have time for hard thinking.

And yet it is important to learn to relax. A friend of mine recommended me to try the “eight count” deep breathing technique. Running it like this.

You need to stand up straight. Legs slightly bent. Bend over slightly. Put your hands on your knees. Smooth, easy release of all air from the lungs. And then suddenly and strongly breathe. You should feel the air filling your lungs to the limit.

For a moment, stay in this position. Now exhale. Exhale to be so strong. To feel in the lungs something like cotton. Exhale, hold your breath. Pull the belly. Stand up straight and not slouch. Try not to breathe at 8 points.

Then relax and breathe. This breathing technique cleanses the lungs and the entire body. But most importantly, it relieves stress. Eliminates bad thoughts.

To support the nervous system «from the inside» will help me tea with milk and a spoon of honey, mint. Or chamomile infusion.

Treatment for depression.

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