Fatigue (Overwork). Aloe for loss of strength

For those with a breakdown and poor digestion, I advise you to take aloe tincture. Take 0.5 cups of chopped aloe leaf, cover with a glass of sugar and leave for 3 days.

Then add a glass of homemade grape wine and leave for another day. Take 1 tbsp. spoon 2 times a day — in the morning and in the evening half an hour before meals.

By the way, it can help to cope with constipation. I use this recipe myself. I drink in periods. When the tincture ends, I take a break for a month, and sometimes two — according to my health.


The working day has begun, it’s time to get up to work, and you can’t find the strength to get out of bed. Do you get annoyed often? Do you often have high blood pressure?

Well it’s time to listen to your body. All these symptoms may indicate a breakdown. Maybe the phrase is not frightening. But its consequences can be dire (if you do not fight against the decline in strength).

The following symptoms can be added to the symptoms of loss of strength listed above: loss of appetite, insomnia, tearfulness, pallor of the skin, weakness.

A breakdown, like any disease, does not arise from scratch. There is a reason for everything.

Listen to yourself. Think about what might have affected your well-being.
There can be many reasons: this is routine work, problems at work, family troubles, hypovitaminosis, lack of sleep.

If we talk about hypovitaminosis, then this is a lack of vitamins in the body. It could be indicative of an imbalance in your gut. Yes, yes, no matter how strange it may seem, if the intestinal flora is disturbed, hypovitaminosis may occur.

Therefore, if you feel frequent bloating, nausea, if you are worried about belching, heaviness in the stomach, consult a doctor.

If everything is okay with your intestines, look for other reasons for the loss of strength.

It is very important to find the reason. Then you can improve your condition. After all, a breakdown can develop into chronic fatigue. And this is a rather serious disease and in most cases, hospitalization is required.

If the reason is routine work, try to take more five-minute breaks for yourself during your working hours. Take a walk, at this time try to think about pleasant things, about work-related issues, try not to think at this moment.

If you can’t find an external cause, sort out your thoughts. Often a breakdown occurs when a person is not happy with himself, his life, etc. All this depresses, a person loses interest in life. Pull yourself together.

Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Say stop. Make yourself enjoyable.
The most important thing is to try to relax in your free time. Lie in silence. Favorite music helps many to calm down.

With a breakdown, it can help:

• a complex of vitamins.
• physical education (but without overload).
• Fresh air
• sleep
• folk remedies

There are many folk remedies. But the following folk remedy helps very well.
You will need: walnuts, prunes, dried apricots, raisins (all 100 grams).

All this must be passed through a meat grinder and covered with honey (100 grams).
Place the resulting mass in a jar. Every morning and evening, you need to eat 1 teaspoon.
But most importantly, reconsider your lifestyle!


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