Diet for arthritis sufferers.

Diet for arthritis sufferers.

Diet against arthritis.

I want to tell the story of my dear aunt. Diet for arthritis sufferers. She is very sixties suffered arthritis and aching hands and feet. We urged her to turn to good doctors, undergo treatment, but she refused from everything.

Well, she does not believe the doctors, that’s all. Therefore, even from an early age, she and the children themselves handled folk remedies. So far this is a «science» for work.
But with arthritis it was not possible to cope. She saw the grass and rubbed it. Compression, lotions, tinctures, decoctions …. It seemed that everyone tried, but there is no result.

Cure arthritis with diet.

And then she decided to go the other way. I’ve heard somewhere that this will help in potato broth. This means that everything you can not eat, can only drink potato broth. To do this, you need to thoroughly wash, but not clean, 1 kg of potatoes. Cut it into small cubes for 0.5 seconds. Throw in a saucepan with boiling water — 3 liters.
Cook for about 1.5 hours at low temperature. Then merge. Squeeze out a little. Received broth to drink.
So I hunger for 10 days — just this broth and plain water. The result was stunning. It not only «releases» the joints. But the heart works better.

But only half the battle to drive out the disease. We must also prevent her return. We realized that many such remarkable results explain the fact that food has disappeared from animal fats, various types of meat and other dangers. Grandma knew it too well. So I decided to continue to refuse such a meal. I’ll tell you what kind of diet for the day, as for the menu.

Diet for arthritis sufferers.

For breakfast, she drank sour milk with sprouted wheat.
Wheat grains germinated itself — in a bowl on a window sill, fill them with water, and after a while appeared shoots.
In fact, it turned out very tasty and incredibly helpful. Also in the morning to drink a glass of infusion of flaxseed: 1 tbsp. spoon of flaxseed flooded with evening hot potato broth, and in the morning and drank stirred for 10 minutes before eating.
For lunch, my aunt ate all raw vegetables, boiled potatoes in their skins and then a cup of sour milk.

And for dinner — cereal, such as corn or buckwheat. And before lunch and before dinner, for 10 minutes before a meal to drink a glass of freshly brewed potato broth. Approximately so. Aunt Chai replaced infusion of rose hips, and did not drink coffee at all. But about their sores, and did not remember.

Diet for arthritis sufferers.

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