Arthritis pain.

Arthritis pain.

About the benefits of Portolac.

Arthritis pain.

I want to tell you about ordinary English. Arthritis pain. In spite of the fact that in many regions of our country this cute, creeping plant with bright flowers is cultivated as decorative or even food, it is quite often found in the wild.

Small (up to 30 cm in length), with recumbent branching stems, succulent, thick, elongated wedge-shaped leaves, it blooms from early summer to early autumn.

Portulac is used in the treatment of quite a few diseases.
For example, for the treatment of arthritis in folk medicine use a decoction of the herb portolaca:
5 hours spoons of grass 10 minutes cooked in a glass of water, then 2 hours insist, filter and take 2 tbsp. Spoon 3-4 times a day.

Harvest the grass during flowering, most often in July.
Dry in air in well-ventilated areas.
Shelf life of raw materials is one year.

Portulac ordinary is widely used in cooking — for the preparation of salads and seasonings, with it they extinguish the fish, it is salted and marinated.

Here are a couple of recipes for cooking delicious and, most importantly, extremely useful for the prevention of many diseases dishes:

• Fresh fish is cut, salted, sprinkled with sliced porcelain, panied and fried in vegetable oil.

• To lovers of the same pickles, you can tell how to properly salve the pestilence — young leaves and stems (1-2 kg) should be rinsed several times in cold water, cut into pieces in 4-5 cm, put in enameled dishes, add shredded carrots (400 g) , Wormwood, tarragon, fennel seeds, caraway seeds (25 g each), salt, mix, tightly damp.
If after 2 hours the greens are not covered with juice, pour a little water and put the load. Store in a cool place.



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