Brown spots on face.

Brown spots on face.

As at home to get rid of age spots.

Brown spots on face. How to get rid of age spots.

Five tips to get rid of age spots.

Spot pigmentation on the face may appear, regardless of age. What is the cause of such unwanted changes on the skin of the face?

Skin problems may arise for many reasons:
— Hormonal changes in the body associated with pregnancy or with long-term use of contraceptives;
— Liver disease or urogenital system;
— Nervosa, thyroid disease;
— A lack of vitamin C, low-quality cosmetics.

Cosmetic clay helps to cope with various problems, including a pigmentation.
To do this, make a mask iz½ teaspoon of talcum powder, 1.5 teaspoon baking soda a tablespoon, spoon 1 tablespoon of clay (white). All mix, pour ½ teaspoon peroxide.
The mask is applied to the face for no more than 10 minutes. That the skin did not dry up, after the removal of funds should apply a moisturizing cream.

Brown spots on face. How to get rid of age spots.

Mask of pigment spots.

Cosmetics of pigment spots.

Aroha — the best known whitening cosmetics, produced Bulgarian company. It has a thick consistency and a uniform white color with a rose scent. Provides a lightening effect, removes the active spots of different color and origin.
It is an excellent protection against UV rays, prevents the re-manifestation of pigmentation and freckles.

Cream Vichy to remove freckles and age manifestations VichyIdealia PRO actively removes age spots, spider nets, freckles.
This effect is ensured by the composition, which is struggling with melanin and promotes the formation of epithelial cells with a complete synthesis of pigments. Vichy cream protects against the sun’s rays.

Few people know that the clotrimazole — medicinal ointment, actively fights with pigment spots. The active substances included in it, neutralize dermatological inflammation, treat bacterial skin lesions and eliminate the dark spots and freckles.

Brown spots on face. How to get rid of age spots.

Beauty treatments of pigment spots.

Modern beauty salons offer several comprehensive measures to eliminate the bad skin defect. When exposed to the skin, and more specifically, to its upper layers peel, cleans and dead skin cells. There are several procedures and all of them are popular.

Ultrasonic peeling
This method aims at the removal of dead cells from the skin surface. Then the skin are special nutrients.

Laser peeling
This cosmetic procedure is suitable for all skin types, even at high sensitivity. Thanks to the laser, output freckles and dark spots caused by pigmentation.

Chemical peeling
The procedure is carried out by applying the special funds for the skin, causing burns and renewal of the epidermis.

From age spots that create a cosmetic defect, you can get rid of different methods. What better way, pick up only an expert in the field of cosmetology. If home remedies do not help, it is recommended not to stay at home and visit a good beauty salon.

Brown spots on face.



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