When a headache.

When a headache.

When a headache.

Here are some recipes from a headache:

If the headache caused by anemia and general weakening of the body (at the same time there is expansion of the pupil, the fall pulse forehead suddenly becomes cold), you need to tightly tie a head scarf, and lie down so that the head and foot on the same level.

When a headache, anemia and vitamin deficiency need to eat more apples.

To remove the painful headaches associated with blockage of the stomach and increase the temperature, we must first try to cause vomiting and stomach are well cleaned. On his head to put a cold compress.

In severe head from bursting stomach gas — an enema of pure water and ingest on sugar few drops of lavender oil.

When a headache.

Colds are often accompanied by headaches. Anoint menthol oil (pharmaceutical preparation), the forehead, temples, behind the ears, back of the head. It is well relieves headaches early in the disease. Instead of menthol can use lavender oil.
My grandmother advised: bright lemon rind (2-3 cm in diameter) clear of the white pulp, put it to his temple wet side and hold there for a while. If the skin is formed red spot, smear Vaseline. You can grate the lemon peel with pulp.

The head will not hurt.

If headaches and migraines can be applied to the forehead and temples cakes made from the crumb of white bread and peppermint.

It is useful to 1 g of the mummy dissolved in 20 hours. Tablespoon of boiling water and drain. Take 1 dess. spoon 1 per day on an empty stomach one hour before breakfast. Derived from a solution of 1 g of the mummy taken daily for 13 days. After daily break again to prepare the same solution and drink in the same way.
After 3 courses of treatment make a break for 1 month, and then repeat the treatment, using an additional 3 g mummy. Total per course of treatment requires 6 g mummy.

Purple flowers thistle steam to pasty mass, put a hot mass on a clean cloth and apply to the sore spot.

2 tbsp. linden flowers heart-shaped spoons pour 2 cups hot water, boil for 10 minutes. Drink 1-2 glasses at night.

Grate the lemon peel and the flesh from the mix to lubricate the forehead and temples with a severe headache that accompanies colds.

When a headache

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