Headache. How to cope with it.

Headache. Causes of headaches are different, and this should be considered when choosing a method of treatment, because that will help under reduced pressure can be dangerous for hypertension, and will only worsen your condition.

Headache. «Shalit» Liver?

Headaches with liver, stomach and intestines — is not uncommon, as the weakened and damaged organs can not recycle and make harmless alien to the human body of molecules of food and medicines, and they enter the bloodstream, causing a reaction of the organism, including and headache. There is a vicious circle, and with time the situation is only getting worse.

Thus, chronic liver overload intolerances as alcohol intoxication, leading to cirrhosis. But you can recover completely, and quickly and without any drugs, only with the help of a reasonable and healthy diet — a separate food.

Its designer was an American doctor Howard Lewis Hay, who in her prime was sentenced to imminent death due to kidney disease, complications and other serious health problems.

However, the power developed by the Hay system allowed him to not only turn from the dying man in the blossoming, and subsequently live a long and happy life. The same thing happened with two other active promoters of the power system — Herbert Shelton and Nadezhda Semenova.


The basic principle of this diet is very simple: you never mix protein foods with carbohydrate (especially animal protein), for example, do not eat chicken with rice, meat, pasta, fish and chips, etc. during one meal (a.. cutlets, respectively, are excluded altogether).

This contributes to more efficient operation of the digestive system and its zashlakovyvaet.

Of course, many products contain both proteins and carbohydrates, and fats, but something always prevails.

In addition, each product requires specific enzymes for complete digestion, and if the product comes a few, it is often these enzymes weaken the mutual influence or even cancel each other out, which greatly delaying and complicating the process of digestion, the body requiring large amounts of energy and forces.

On top of the food due to the long wait until it finally digest, as a rule, it begins to rot and ferment, poisoning the body and causing goiter. Meanwhile, a separate food, being gentle, greatly facilitates the work of the stomach, liver and intestines, helps them to recover, and normalizes the production of enzymes over time.


Headache in diseases of the kidneys — is also not uncommon. Try to eat meat and beans as little as possible by clicking on the lighter for the body and kidney proteins — sour milk, sometimes you can   afford eggs, poultry, fish.

That limitation proteins to physiological minimum and the exclusion of «heavy» for the kidneys saved the lives of proteins Heyu Howard Lewis (42 years his kidneys virtually denied) allowed him to spend nearly a hundred years!

A transition to a separate power supply will greatly facilitate the life of the digestive tract (because you have weak kidneys, your digestive tract working with an overload). Surely the doctor told you about the need to sharp salt restriction, and it is quite right: for you it is simply vital.

Consume no more than the physiological norm, ie, 2 grams of salt per day (a third of a teaspoon without slides). Try also to bathe at least twice a day: The skin — the most important excretory organ, which essentially acts as a second kidney.

Therefore, if the pores are closed (for example, deodorant or sebum), headache you almost guaranteed. To remove it, you can, after drinking a few sips of brew cranberries and bearberry.


It can manifest itself not only as a rash on the skin, but also as abdominal pain, joint pain, throat, bowel problems, runny nose — and including often a headache.

If we consider that according to the WHO, every second inhabitant of the Earth in one degree or another is suffering increased sensitivity to some household items, medicines or food, it is very likely that this is just your case.

Food immunity may relate to almost any product. But the most safe food — a buckwheat, rice, lettuce, blueberries, dill, green apples, vegetable oil, cottage cheese, sour milk purged.

Remember also that krasnoburye products (algae, sugar beet) cause allergies more frequently than orange (oranges, carrots). Those, in turn, more than yellow (lemon). White and green fruits and vegetables cause allergies in exceptional cases. Sour milk products are much safer than milk itself. Especially as dangerous cheeses.

Very allergenic peanuts, yeast bread, sausage, meat and canned fish, smoked-ness, pickles, pickled foods, convenience foods, meat and fish broth, with an abundance of food preservatives and colorants, and other «E».


The most common allergens are also citrus fruits, strawberries, coffee, chocolate, chicken and eggs, fish and seafood. Boiling and heated milk allergen, than fresh.
And milk and eggs as part of any food allergens than the «pure».

When you have found harmful to your product (that is, one that is headache and other unpleasant symptoms — pain in other organs, drowsiness, irritability, mood deterioration), exclude it from your diet for at least six months. Then try to carefully enter it in the diet again, and most likely, you will not find old problems.

But just do not overdo it — for some reason your body is bad It perceives the substance, so do not take risks, not to return sverhreaktivnost from which worked so hard to get rid.

If you have allergies, do not be lazy and tested for bacteria overgrowth and intestinal and liver parasites, most often the cause of allergies lies in this (or a peptic ulcer). Do not worry, a new generation of drugs will destroy all pathogenic flora, while retaining useful.

But also to cure, try to protect the stomach, intestines and liver: try not to fry and cook and cook, eat regularly and gradually. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day (up to 2.5 L). In general, clean water should be your primary means of quenching thirst.

If you find that headache occurs after contact with strong nopahnuschimi materials (rubber, paint, cleaning powder), try to avoid such contact continue: buy unscented soap (eg, children), and cleaning products is better to choose not powder, which is easy to take to the skies and strongly irritate the airways even completely healthy people, and liquid or gel.


If you have not yet switched to a healthy diet and headache caught you surprise, quickly help can freshly brewed tea of chamomile or mint (The latter is especially useful when problems with the liver, since it removes spasms in the biliary tract), blueberries, in any form and finely grated fresh cabbage with olive oil (by the way, blueberries and cabbage help to scar ulcers in the gastrointestinal tract!).

And olive oil, which the Italians so generously poured over their meals in action is comparable to a pill analgin. The researchers argue that a teaspoon of olive oil is 10% of the dose of the drug on the basis of the ibuprofen contained in the tablets.

So if you constantly use olive oil in a food, it will serve as a powerful prophylactic against pain — as the head and stomach pains, 12 duodenum due spasms of the biliary tract.

Appeared regular headaches can also be a sign of anemia — a very insidious disease.

If the headache goes after you ate buckwheat, pea soup, beef liver (they have a lot of iron, which with anemia do not have enough), and in general then you will feel a surge of strength — run to the doctor, it may indicate that the anemia begins, and at home conditions alone will not deal with it.

Do not abuse diuretics, or the body with harmful lose many of necessary substances.
Moreover, the use of long diuretic causes renal irritation.



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