Carrot cream.

Carrot cream.

Carrot cream.

Medical plants and their uses.

To make ulcers and wounds heal better, you need to make carrot oil.

Carrot cream.

For this cup grated carrots should be put in a pan with a lid. Pour over with vegetable oil. Then put the pan on a boiling water bath — another pot of boiling water. Heat should be about 15 minutes, until a boil. Then cool at room temperature. Press in two layers of gauze. The oil is ready.

You can take it inside and outwardly, lubricate sore spots. Drink Markov oil teaspoon 4 times a day. Holding in the mouth for three minutes. Carrot oil is stored in the refrigerator.

The benefit of this is enormous. The wound tightens, as if by magic. There is no suppuration, no torment.
Maybe someone will need this method.


Carrot cream.

Healing miracle ointment.


Take 40gr. wax natural (not waxes!), 100gr. olive oil (you can and vegetable), 2 tbsp. of granulated sugar. Wax crumbled into butter, add sugar and put on a slow fire. Slowly stirring, melt the wax and sugar in the oil.

It dissolves long and slowly. Stir constantly, sugar starts to burn (but it’s not particularly scary). As a result, the wax as it passes from a solid state to a soft state. Should get a homogeneous ointment. Cool down and you can use.
This ointment of deep penetration.

This ointment removes any inflammatory process.

1. Runny nose and nasal congestion. Spread on the bridge of the nose or pawn in every nostril. Absolutely no plucking. Especially good, who have young children, so as not to torment them with drops. It helps right away.

2. Sick Throat. Also spread in the area of ​​the tonsils. Wrap your throat.

3. Cough. Rasstirat chest. We do both in front and behind.

4.Bolyachki in the mouth and on the lips.

5. Inflammation of the ear. A tampon inside. Passes the next day.

6. Any abrasion and sore on the surface of the skin with already obvious inflammation around. The son had a great earache last summer. By evening, the ear was bright red and swollen. Outside, the heat is hot. Do not apply a bandage. And there will not be a boy with her walking along the street.

7. Tension of muscles.

8. Comic pain …




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