Suppositories for hemorrhoids.

Suppositories for hemorrhoids.

Suppositories for hemorrhoids.

Suppositories for hemorrhoids. Homemade candles are used at home to treat stage 2 and 3 hemorrhoids. The size and shape of suppositories should be as close as possible to pharmacy suppositories. The use of suppositories is indicated until the unpleasant symptoms are eliminated.

With internal chronic hemorrhoids use «ice» candles. Prepare paper molds of a cylindrical size. Water is placed in them (can be replaced with a decoction of chamomile) and sent to the freezer for solidification. Before use, the candle is placed in hot water at one end for easier insertion and the mold is removed. The first days the candle is kept for no more than two minutes. Then add one minute at a time.

Candles are cut out of raw potatoes. Before introduction into the anus, it is lubricated with honey. The recipe is especially recommended for the treatment of hemorrhoids in women during pregnancy during breastfeeding.

After childbirth, candles are formed from well-candied honey, which are used to treat inflammation.

Candles up to three centimeters long are cut out of raw carrots. Injected into the anus for half an hour before bedtime. Treatment after childbirth and breastfeeding is indicated.

Wash and dry the geranium leaf. Lubricated with vegetable oil, rolled into a tube and inserted into the anus. Hold overnight repeating for seven consecutive days. The recipe helps to get rid of chronic hemorrhoids.

A chive is cut along the length. One half is dipped in vegetable oil or internal fat, and then injected into the anus before going to bed. Remove in the morning. Before the procedure, it is advisable to treat the anus with sea buckthorn oil.
The introduction of garlic into the anus can cause itching and burning, which will aggravate the course of the disease.

Suppositories for hemorrhoids.

After each act of defecation, it is recommended to introduce candles into the anus, prepared as follows: three large cloves of garlic are ground and mixed with butter. Candles are formed and frozen. The recipe demonstrates particular effectiveness in the presence of a disease in men.

A cotton swab soaked in sea buckthorn oil is inserted into the anus at night. The method is suitable for the treatment of pathology in pregnant women and in women after childbirth.

Mix 70% medical alcohol, badger fat and propolis in equal parts. For three days they are left in a cold place, forming candles. Injected into the anus for fifteen minutes daily until discomfort is eliminated.

A small homemade cotton swab is moistened in ichthyol ointment. Injected into the anus for half an hour. Candles of this kind have a bactericidal effect, are good in the treatment of pathology in men, in women.

Mix 200 g of ghee with two tablespoons of cedar oil and a similar amount of beeswax. Warm up in a water bath until a homogeneous mass is formed. Allow the mixture to cool and form candles. Store in the refrigerator.

In a cup, mix a tablespoon of buckwheat honey and a similar amount of butter (unsalted!). Melt the mixture in a water bath so that the components are well combined. Take a small piece of agave leaf, cut off the needles and dip it in a honey-oil mixture. Insert into the anus for 1 hour. Treatment is continued for a month.

Buy a pack of cigarettes. Carefully, so as not to damage the paper, the filter is torn off from each and the tobacco is removed. The resulting tubes are impregnated with warmed pork fat. Put improvised candles in the refrigerator to solidify. One by one is injected into the anus before bedtime, repeating until the end of the suppositories. Treatment is indicated at stage 2 of the disease. Leftover tobacco can also be used to make candles. It is mixed with butter. You should get a homogeneous mass. Small candles are formed from it. Placed in a freezer for solidification. Used in the daytime.

Mix milk, starch and mummy until smooth (take in equal parts). Candles are formed, frozen and injected one at a time into the anus before bedtime. It helps to get rid of 2nd degree hemorrhoids, eliminate itching and burning.

Suppositories for hemorrhoids.
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