Best neck firming cream.

Best neck firming cream.

Best neck firming cream.

Loose skin on the neck — what to do?

Mask for the face and neck. Pull-up mask. What to do with sagging neck at home?

Sagging skin on the neck and chest is not only due to natural aging changes. The reason for this may also be a dramatic weight loss. That is why nutritionists recommend getting rid of excess weight slowly, and in the process of losing weight to start to take care of the skin of the whole body. But, nevertheless, the time — the main enemy of our skin.

Best neck firming cream.

If you begin to notice that your to this smooth and beautiful neck began to change, do not rush to choose the original scarves or blouses with high collar. A little perseverance and the right recipes — and after a few months you will notice significant improvements.

Neck skin is aging even faster than the epidermis face. Its structure has less fat, sebaceous glands, yet thinner protective layer. It is much worse than circulating blood cells, respectively, receive less power, and therefore more susceptible to various negative factors. As a result, your cervix may begin to change their appearance after 25 years. Constant stress and the wrong metabolism can also cause deterioration of the skin of the neck. Loose skin means more wrinkles and sagging in the second chin that not only does not look aesthetically pleasing, but also betrays our age.

Gymnastics for the neck

If you want to improve the condition of the skin of the neck, it regularly, preferably every other day, perform simple exercises designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles of the neck:
• Prior to a session of face-building slightly heat the muscles and skin of the neck. Just «walk» with his fingertips, soft pat on the décolleté to the chin. It is advisable to put your hands on natural oil.
• Slowly tilt your head to the left and then right, trying to touch your ear to the shoulder.
• Turn your head to the left, then right, trying to touch your chin shoulder.
• Open your mouth and slowly zaprokinte head and then somknite teeth.
• Put your hands in the castle and place them at the back. Leans his head back, overcome the resistance of hands.
• Place the palms on the forehead and try, despite the resistance of hands, tilt your head forward.
• Hold the toothpick in his mouth and draw in the air some characters, such as digits, or «write» a few words, such as your name and surname.
• Say «o» sounds, «y», «and», «s», pulling the lips forward intensively.

Such a set of exercises activates blood circulation and strengthen the power cell nutrients. At first, do each exercise four or five times, increase the number of repetitions gradually. Do not make immediately a variety of approaches one exercise — to avoid injury.
Perform all movements slowly and smoothly, without sudden jerks. If you feel pain, it is a signal that you need to stop doing the exercises, if you feel dizzy — take a break.

Add to this complex good old walk around the room with a book on her head (five minutes per day) — and double chin you never appears.

How to return the swan neck in the home.

Improve your neck in a «home beauty» can be using simple tools made from natural ingredients. Remember, relaxing with a mask in this area, it is not necessary at this time to turn his head and is actively talking.

Recipe effective almond-honey mask designed for the neck, is credited with French women. Take almond oil and liquid honey in a ratio of 2 to 1, respectively. All gently stir this mixture lubricate the skin and allow yourself to relax a bit. Half an hour later, remove the mask with lukewarm water. One or two times in the five days will be enough to make your skin gradually regains its elasticity and slowing the aging process.

The skin becomes more elastic, if once a week to prepare for cervical gelatine mask. Take a small package of instant gelatin, fill it with a glass of warm water, add a little honey and sour cream in equal proportions. Mix all ingredients and put his fingers on the skin of the neck and décolleté. Rinse the mask, when he felt that the tool was to dry.

Noticeably tighten your neck of the constant use of a mask, prepared from yeast. Crush them (to get around the dining room spoon powder) and fill it with warm milk. You should get a fairly thick mass. Leave the mixture for about half an hour, until a shiver go up a little bit. After add here for hours. Spoon any, to the extent of fat, oil, honey and one egg yolk. Rinse off the mask from your problem areas need after 15 minutes.

Another option firming mask: Pour warm milk ½ cup oatmeal (pre-crushed in a blender) and mix to a state of sour cream. The mask will be more effective if we add to it a small package of cream. Spray this rinse agent and also as a mask and yeast.

Neck skin needs nourishment.

An effective skin in this area is the egg yolk. Add to it, and orange juice squeezed from half a citrus fruit. Apply this tool from the bottom up, using a cotton swab or a soft brush. After the first coat has dried, can be applied to one or two, and wait for complete drying. Remove the mask better carefully with cold water.

Olive oil — ideal for nutrition, hydration and elasticity make sagging skin of the neck. Can be used as a pure oil (better to take the product is cold-pressed). Apply a little oil and wrap with polyethylene neck and top wear a warm scarf. After 30 minutes, removing the bandage, you will find that seared the skin just absorbed the oil. Satiate the skin with vitamin C lemon juice added to the amount of oil that you need to create a mask. Another useful addition to olive oil — a few drops of vitamin E, which helps restore elasticity.

It softens the skin flabby neck poultice of chamomile decoction with milk. Take a couple of tablespoons of dried chamomile inflorescences, pour a glass of milk, put on fire, do not let it boil, leave to infuse under cover. Dampen a soft cloth broth and wrap them just the neck, attach the top piece of cellophane wrap and a warm towel. After 20 minutes, remove the remnants of a compress with water and a soft cloth.

On weekends, make a compress to the skin contrast. To do this, take two small towels, one — soaked in hot water, the other — in the cold. Alternately, one or three minutes Apply a compress simply wrapping the neck. Begins and ends with contrast compress better cold temperature. Improve the compress can be with the help of a decoction of herbs (chamomile, sage, mint), or sea salt (for hot water) and lemon juice (cold).

Tone neck!

Good tone the skin of the neck will give a simple tonic of cool water with dissolved in it a spoon of lemon or lime juice. Ice cubes — an excellent tool to restore skin tone, the best time for such a procedure — this morning. In the evening, before taking a shower or bath wipe your problem area with fresh cucumber juice and rose hips. Be sure to apply on the neck and décolleté cream with sun protection in a sunny time of year, especially if you are wearing revealing clothes. After a shower or bath gently rub the skin with a towel — this will increase the blood circulation in the skin.

Remember that the sooner you start caring for the skin of the neck, the longer it will remain supple and young. Apply all the tools in this area carefully, without stretching or rubbing the skin. In addition, the act even more tactfully in the thyroid gland. Return the elasticity of sagging neck skin can only be subject to regular the full range of rejuvenating treatments.

Loose skin on the neck.



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