Bronchitis treatment with folk remedies.

Bronchitis treatment with folk remedies.

Bronchitis treatment with folk remedies.

Bronchitis treatment with folk remedies. In autumn, dig up the root of the calamus marsh, rinse thoroughly, cut off the small roots and dry in the sun. (This root is also useful for a weakened spleen.) Powder from the root of calamus is taken for chronic bronchitis, 0.6 g three times daily before meals.

Mix 0.5 l of grated black radish juice with 400 g of honey. Drink 2 tablespoons in the evening before meals.

Cook one head of garlic and ten finely chopped onions in milk until soft, add a teaspoon of mint juice and a tablespoon of honey. Take a tablespoon every hour throughout the day.

Take a decoction of tangerine peels 2-3 tablespoons three times a day before meals. (By the way, the broth is used as an external remedy for fungal skin diseases. Infusion of orange peels — for disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.)

Melt and cool one part of spruce resin and 1 part of yellow wax. Lay on hot coals and breathe in the emitted smoke.

1 teaspoon of pine buds or eucalyptus leaves (2 teaspoons) pour 0.5 cups of water and put on fire. Make a mouthpiece from Whatman paper and take 80-100 breaths. Try to breathe out.

Chew a clove of garlic and 1 teaspoon of flower honey until completely chopped 3 times a day.

Runny nose. Treatment with folk remedies

It is very easy to cope with this ailment: just put a finely chopped clove of garlic deep into the nostrils and feel a slight burning sensation. Repeat the treatment after the recurrence of the common cold. This time he will not return to you soon, you can believe traditional medicine!

The palm of the left hand is placed on the nose and forehead, and the palm of the right hand is placed on the solar plexus. After 15 minutes, the runny nose should go away.

Bronchitis treatment with folk remedies.

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