Traditional medicine for asthma.

Traditional medicine for asthma.

Traditional medicine for asthma.

Traditional medicine recommends that patients drink an infusion of the following herbs: calamus root — 50 g, wild rosemary — 100 g, coltsfoot — 100 g, tricolor violet — 100 g, elecampane root — 50 g, citrus seed — 150 g.

Chop all herbs, mix, brew 1 tablespoon of the collection overnight in a thermos 200 g (1 glass) boiling water. Strain in the morning and take 2 tablespoons 3 times daily before meals and the fourth time at night.

There is also a very effective recipe for asthmatics (not children). You need to take 150 g of fresh grated horseradish, mix with juice from 2 or 3 lemons and take 1/2 teaspoon after meals in the morning and after dinner. After taking this mixture, do not drink water or any beverages. Do not pay attention to lacrimation, but persistently continue treatment.

With a prolonged attack, you need to drink barley coffee, sniff ammonia, and apply mustard plasters to the caviar.

An asthma attack can be prevented if you master Strelnikova’s breathing exercises. The healing effect is achieved by a sharp noisy inhalation through the nose, as if you were sniffing noisily and sharply, and ends with a completely silent exhalation through the mouth. Each time you need to take 20 breaths.

Mix a pound of honey, the same amount of lamb fat and butter with 100 g of cocoa and ten chicken eggs. Cook for 1-2 minutes after boiling, then, stirring, cool. Take three times a day for a tablespoon with warm milk.

Traditional medicine for asthma.

Bronchial asthma is often cured homeopathically. According to the recipe of Professor Vinogradov, you need to take 2 boxes of the following components: Senega — 3, Drozera — 3, Ipecacuna — 3, Kantaris — 3, Bryony — 2, Ammon carb. — 3, capsicum — 3, sambucum — 3, carbo veget. — 6, silicea — 6, lobelia — 3, sulfur. — 3, and 4 boxes of Gepar. sulf. — 6.

Pour the contents of all the boxes into one large jar, stirring by rotating the jar for 5-10 seconds, then take 8 grains from the mixture and suck them 5 times a day every 3 hours until they are finished.

Homeopathic remedies are very effective, unlike antibiotics, they increase the number of blood phagocytes, which have protective properties, by 10 times. Their only drawback: they require a painstaking and patient attitude and are designed for a long period of treatment.

For patients with bronchial asthma, traditional medicine advises the following:

Dry the buds of mother-and-stepmother flowers cut in early spring in the shade and grind into powder. Boil daily and take 12 g of powder. Efficiency is enhanced if apricot kernel powder is added to the mother-and-mother in the same amount. The mixture is brewed and consumed in three doses during the day.

Boil 5-10 g of crushed hemp seeds in a glass of milk or water. Drink the resulting broth in a day in several doses.

In many cases, with bronchial asthma, alcohol (or vodka) tincture of black elderberry fruit can help, which is also useful for a deep, persistent cough.

300 g of honey, better than linden, half a glass of water and the same amount of chopped aloe leaf, boil over low heat for 2 hours. Then cool, stir and store in a cool place. Take a tablespoon 3 times a day.

Brew 50 g of dried wild rosemary herb and 25 g of nettle with a liter of boiling water and take within a month. Tea made from wild rosemary herb is drunk when coughing, shortness of breath.

Pour boiling water over the eucalyptus leaves. Roll up the «horn» from thick paper and cover the pan with its wide part, and inhale the vapor of eucalyptus infusion through the narrow one. Inhalation time is 10-15 minutes.

3 cups of ground chaga, 50 g of pine buds, 50 g of dry yarrow, 50 g of rose hips, 5 g of wormwood pour 3.5 liters of cold boiled water. Leave the infusion for 2 hours, then put it on fire and cook with the lid closed. Remove the pan from the heat and wrap it in a blanket for a day. After a day, strain the infusion, add 200 g of aloe juice («doctor», broad-leaved, at least 3 years old), 250 g of brandy and 400 g of honey. Stir the mass and then do it daily for 4 days. After the expiration date, pour into small containers and refrigerate. Take before meals 3 times a day at the following dosage: 1 teaspoon (for a patient under 5 years old), 1 dessert spoon (from 5 to 15 years old) and one tablespoon (over 15 years old). Drink at least 2 liters of medicine.

Free the shell of 10 raw eggs from the inner film, dry and grind into a powder, which must be filled with juice of 10 lemons and put in a dark place for 10 days. Strain the resulting mixture through cheesecloth and mix with another composition, which is prepared as follows: knock down 10 yolks with ten tablespoons of sugar and pour a bottle of brandy into the resulting «mogul-mogul». Mix the resulting mixture (shell powder, lemon juice, yolks, cognac) and take 30 g 3 times a day half an hour before meals. Improvement should come soon. If necessary, the course of treatment can be repeated without interruption.

Traditional medicine for asthma.

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