Folk remedies for tachycardia.

Folk remedies for tachycardia.

Folk remedies for tachycardia.

First of all, when treating tachycardia at home, you should protect the patient from factors that can trigger an attack. First of all, it is required to establish a clear regime of the day, in which the time of going to bed and the time of awakening will be strictly observed.

It is also necessary to allocate without fail and time for walks in the fresh air. You should also review the regular menu. Tachycardia excludes from the diet: alcohol, coffee, fatty meat and spicy foods. It is important to ensure that the patient’s diet is rich in foods containing potassium and magnesium. In addition, it is necessary to use various traditional medicine that helps with tachycardia.

1) In order to reduce the likelihood of developing an attack of tachycardia, you should use a drug based on medicinal melissa or common melissa. For its preparation, two large spoons of crushed dried grass are taken and poured with three hundred milliliters of boiling water. Insist the drug under a tightly closed lid for one hundred and twenty minutes. A strained medicine is consumed three times a day in a slightly warmed state, one hundred milliliters before a meal. The course of treatment has no limitations.

2) The use of herbal infusion also gives good results. It takes ten grams of dried May nettle, ten grams of chamomile, twenty grams of lemon balm and twenty grams of linden flowers. Three tablespoons of this collection are poured with three glasses of freshly boiled water and insisted for five minutes. After this, the drug is filtered and divided into three equal parts. They use the drug in one part three times a day ten minutes before eating. The duration of treatment is at least two weeks. The maximum duration of treatment is two months. If there is no improvement after taking the drug, another medicine should be used.

Folk remedies for tachycardia.

3) It can help cope with tachycardia and a nut-fruit medicine. Ten almond kernels are chopped and mixed with eighty grams of finely chopped dried apricots and two chopped lemons. Next, one hundred milliliters of fresh (liquid) honey and eight drops of alcohol tinctures of valerian and hawthorn are added to the mixture. The medicine is mixed well (so that all the ingredients are evenly distributed). Store the resulting preparation in the refrigerator and eat it twice a day: in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before bedtime, one large spoon. The duration of treatment is three months. The course of treatment can be repeated after a two-week break.

4) Successfully applied medicine from dried flowers and berries of hawthorn. Two tablespoons of flowers and two tablespoons of the fruit of the plant are poured into a thermos and filled with half a liter of freshly boiled water. The drug is infused for three hours. They use the medicine for two months, half a glass three times a day.

5) Excellent results with tachycardia treatment with honey. To prepare the medicine, take one hundred milliliters of liquid honey and mix with two large tablespoons of beef. Use this medicine one teaspoon three times a day for six months. If desired, the course of treatment can be extended for up to one year.

6) It is useful to use in the fight against tachycardia and a mixture of beetroot juice and honey. For treatment, you need to take one hundred milliliters of fresh beet juice and dilute fifty grams of honey in it. Next, the medicine is divided into two equal portions and drunk in the morning and evening. The duration of treatment is thirty days.

7) Can also help the collection of meadow herbs. Take one large (tablespoon) spoon of mint, chamomile and valerian root (chopped as much as possible) and pour one glass of boiling water. This remedy is infused for two hours. The filtered medicine is divided into two portions and is drunk in the morning and in the evening. The course of treatment is three weeks.

Folk remedies for tachycardia.
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