The dough treats spine

The dough treats spine

Treatment of osteochondrosis spine

When osteochondrosis well to the dough. We need to take 0.5 liters of warm water,
70-100 g of fresh yeast and rye flour.
Knead the dough and leave for 7 days in a dark cool place.
When it will be raised, it should be beating.
After 7 days, the dough is ready.
While preparing to compress the patient should drink a glass of hot milk with 1 h. Spoon of baking soda.
Drink in small sips.
Then take a cheesecloth into 2 layers, spread the dough, as the yellow card.
Place the patient on his stomach, drip 3 drops of turpentine on a dry hand and good rub waist, so do 3 times.
Gauze with the dough to put on the lumbar region, the top cover with cellophane, put cotton wool, well tie a large towel.
Top to hide a warm blanket. Stay 40-60 minutes.
If there are burns, they do not have anything to smear — they must take themselves.
Treatment repeated after 7 days.
Medical tests can be used many times.



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