Camomile — perfumed doctor.

Herbs and plants. Camomile.

Everyone knows what kind of healing power has chamomile. It can be purchased in every pharmacy, but it is better to collect yourself. How to distinguish from other camomile flowers with white petals?

Chamomile medicinal properties.

First of all, the smell — from the pharmacy is a very pleasant spicy smell. There is a difference from other species. Chamomile stimulates the central nervous system. Increases the reflex activity of the spinal cord. It is very important, it speeds up breathing and heart rate.

Our neighbor, to give testimony to the mentally tired, advised. 1 tbsp. a spoonful of dry raw material to take 1 cup of boiled water. To endure half an hour. Drain.

Take the third cup before eating as heat. This infusion is also used in cramps. It helps with increased nervous excitability.

In addition, the infusion — 1 tbsp. spoon 3-4 times a day. It is recommended to drink it to reduce the processes of fermentation. Also used to remove spasm in the intestines and swelling of the gastric mucosa. Excellent acceleration of healing of stomach ulcers.

You can use chamomile from rheumatic pains in the joints, bruises. For this 2-3 tbsp. a raw spoon, boil with boiling water. This is to form a paste-like mass. Then apply to a sore spot.

A family of my friends is drinking chamomile tea with cream and sugar. You need 15 grams per liter of water. To insist 15 minutes .. Drunk on the night of this tea — a strong calm sleep.




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