Saving compress.

Saving compress.

Saving compress.

Saving compress. Osteoarthritis of knee joints. During an exacerbation there are very strong pains.
Heating pads are very helpful. And it is not surprising, because the warming compress causes a prolonged expansion of the blood vessels.

Increased blood flow to the skin and deeper recumbent tissues, which contributes to the resolution of inflammation. Acts as an analgesic.

It is not difficult to make a compress. A piece of cloth, folded several times, is moistened with a pre-prepared medicinal solution. Humidified tissue is applied to a sore spot. At the top is cellophane.

It should be a little more tissue. Completely close the fabric.

The cellophane is applied with a thick layer of cotton wool or a woolen shawl.

And now about a medicinal solution for a compress. We tried many recipes, but settled on one, the most effective in our case:

Take a tablespoon of honey, dried mustard and vegetable oil.
All mix. Bring to a boil. Now the mixture is ready. It should be applied to a double layer of gauze and make a compress. But to maintain it on the affected joint it takes at least one and a half hours.

In between the compresses, we rubed the fir oil into the heated joints. Thus, inflammation can be removed very quickly.

Saving compress.


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