Pain in throat.

Pain in throat.

Balm for the throat. Pain in throat.

Pain in throat. I would like to share my personal experience of treating throat diseases.
For this I use rinse from beetroot.

You have to grate the beetroot on a small grater, squeeze out a glass of juice.
In it, pour a tablespoon of table vinegar.

This solution gargle 5-6 times a day. In doing so, take one sip. Continue the procedure until recovery.
This solution can also be used with pharyngitis and angina.

And in my life there was a case when I had a radio announcer to help out. It was in winter, and at that time I worked as a security guard at the radio station. My habit in winter is a bottle with a drug from my throat to wear. To, in which case, always at hand.

And it so happened that one of our speakers just got a throat.
He can read the text, but he can not really say a word.

That’s when my balsam came in handy. You can say — saved the transfer.
And the drug is prepared from a sore throat: pour a glass of water into the pan; Pour half an glass of anise seeds; Boil for 15 minutes.

Then discard the seeds, and boil the broth with a quarter of a glass of honey and pour in a tablespoon of cognac. Honey is better to take lime.
Take a tablespoon every half hour.

But the effect comes almost immediately.
Such a prepared remedy will quickly restore the voice at the right time.


Pain in throat.



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