headache relief

headache relief

causes of headaches

With age, no matter how strong you are, strength and health are gradually fading. This is the law of life.
So in my case it was the same. Retirement health began to fail, constantly aching and sore. To many of my ailments I even got used to it and didn’t pay attention to them.
But once I met people on the street, which when I saw, as I swallow the tablet (pressure, dizzy), and spoke to me. After the story of my immediately determined that I have a kidney disorder, that’s why the pressure jumps. I was surprised, but from the doctors I heard the same thing. It turns out he has the same trouble. Shared my random friend (and now good friend) and the recipe is his, from the illness to get rid of.
You need a teaspoon of fennel seeds pour a glass of boiling milk. Put in a water bath and simmer on low heat for 20 minutes. Then allow to cool to body temperature and drink morning and evening half a Cup. Medication is necessary as long as the pressure to normal will not come. I have it somewhere three days always goes. And to secure success I started and a decoction of dill seeds to drink, 10 days of each month, and so for six months. Only milk is replaced with water.
And after all that surprising: dizzy spells with high blood pressure at first, much less steel, and soon stopped altogether. Of course, age will not cure. Certainly if not pressure, then some other sore dopekut. But the people from any adversity there are ways — I’m so shared.



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