Herbal bath back to life.

Herbal bath back to life.

Herbal bath back to life. 

Gout often use herbal baths. Herbal bath back to life. How to use them so as not to injure yourself? With exacerbation, you should not take herbal baths. But in a quiet period of the disease, such baths can help cleanse the vessels of urine salts. Strengthen metabolism. Reduce inflammation. Delay degeneration and deformation processes. Improve well-being.

Air, nugget, thyme — these herbs can remove salt even when applied topically.

Oat straw in folk medicine as a poultice for the joints. It should be noted that all the oats healthily, such as straw in her very large number of minerals that can strengthen and improve the more joint tissue. The exact mechanism of action of this plant remedy has not been studied, but the practice proves its effectiveness.

Good results give in gout treatment with herbal baths. These baths soothe, back to life. You can also recommend the use of herbs for making fragrant relaxing bath.
For the treatment of gout, baths can be prepared with grass Saponaria officinalis, add broth oat straw, napar roots of stinging nettle, extract of black currant leaves, inflorescence decoction of chamomile, sage, tincture of pine branches. Take a bath for 15 minutes, the water temperature typically 35-37 ° C.

On the healing baths, you can find out more here.

Here are a few recipes.

1. The stems with flowers of chamomile (300 g), pour 5 liters of boiling water, to insist 2 hours, drain. Pour into the bath.

2. A mixture of (just 250g) and the ground rhizome of the creeping thyme, better to take in equal parts, pour 3 liters of cold water, bring to a boil. Strain and pour into the tub.

3. Grass knotweed (300 g), pour boiling water (5 liters), the present (2 hours). Strain and pour into the tub.

4. Take equal quantities of 100 grams of oat straw, young pine needles, sage grass, currant leaves, chamomile flowers. Cover with cold water (10 liters), put on a slow fire and cook for 30 minutes. Let the broth to cool, then strain it and pour into the tub.

Травяная ванна возвращается к жизни.

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