Wound care.

Wound care

Treatment of wounds and calluses.

Wound care.

The tools I offer will help to heal the wounds quickly. Wound care.

Apply them in the following way: lubricate the affected area 1-2 times a day, and with deep wounds moisten 2 layers of gauze, put on
Hit the spot and seal with adhesive tape.

Wound care.

Means are as follows:

• Put in the bottle the leaves of May stinging nettle, pour vodka.
Insist in a dark place for 15 days.

• Castor oil quickly heals wounds.

• The juice of onion also helps in half with honey.

From calluses:

• Pour a piece of propolis the size of a pea on the corn, bandage. After 3 days, remove the bandage with the corn.

• Tie the cut bulb at night to the foot.

With barley:

• Boil the egg hard-boiled, cut it and apply hot to barley.

• Lubricate the barley with alcohol tincture of propolis.


Wound care.

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