Onion against barley.

Onion against barley.

Onion against barley.

Puffy eyes causes.

Onion against barley. I want to share a way of treating barley.
My eye started to hurt in winter. When I closed it, it felt like something was bothering me. At once I did not pay attention, and the next day the eye began to swell and hurt even more.

On the advice of my grandmother, I began to wash with soap. But it was clear that it was too late. Barley became more and more.

We were advised to heat the boiled egg. Boil a hard-boiled egg. Roll it up in a handkerchief or napkin. And bring to the eye. And most importantly, during treatment not to be in a draft.

Onion against barley.

It should be warm for you and the eyes. I warmed my eyes and the blue lamp.
But it all looked like a long-playing record. In addition, headaches began.

And now, when I was desperately trying to cure my eye, I was advised to bake an onion in a husk in the oven. Clean, remove the top two layers. Apply onions to the barley on the inside.

I secured the bow with a piece of bandage and adhesive tape.
Repeats 3-4 times a day and at night.

After a couple of days, I noticed that this was an improvement.
The tumor began to shrink to the center of the barley. Four days later, all the pus came out, and the tumor subsided.

It turns out that such a simple remedy as a baked onion can cope even with running barley.


puffy eyes causes

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