No ulcers and cystitis.

No ulcers and cystitis.

No ulcers and cystitis.

No ulcers and cystitis. How to cure cystitis at home.

I want to share with our readers own experiences, I have cured a chronic cystitis.

It is necessary to boil a bucket of water, and on the other burner is well heated brick or stone. Then turn up the legs of the stool, on all sides to wrap it well, put a stool in a bucket of boiling water and put it in a good red-hot brick or stone.

After these preparations you need to get up (will not be able to sit down, because it will be very hot) over the resulting structure, covered with a cotton blanket, and so stand as long as the body does not sweat run. Then you need to go to bed, covered by the same blanket.

I am tormented with a disease for several years and cost me only once so warm, I forgot about cystitis — and it’s been more than 20 years.

I would also like to share the recipe for the treatment of stomach ulcers — a theme though «beaten», but still has not lost its relevance — only among my friends suffering every second or ulcer or gastritis. So, for the treatment of food you need to eat 1-2 hours. Tablespoons of powdered milk. It’s simple,
but in practice, the stomach began to hurt less ulcer gradually tightened.

powdered milk

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