Preventing botulism.

Preventing botulism.

Preventing botulism.

Preventing botulism. In order not to fall ill with botulism, you must carefully observe all safety rules in the preparation and storage of further domestic preparations:

1. Products home canning are the most dangerous, because it is in it creates ideal conditions for the germination of pathogenic spores of botulism.

2. It is impossible to preserve the usual way home (without the presence of the autoclave) in sealed cans of meat and fish, which are a particularly favorable environment for the development of botulism pathogen, as well as plants (purslane, etc.) Prostrate on the ground.

3.Ovoschi that are difficult to clean out the remnants of the soil, conserve only with the addition of sufficient acid (acetic, citric), which inhibits the development of botulism spores accidentally caught.

Preventing botulism.

4. Mushrooms, in which it is difficult to completely remove all the tiny remnants of the soil and the dispute should be harvested for future use only by pickling, salting, with the addition of a sufficient amount of acid and salt, and not to close their lids tightly.

! 5. If in a sealed jar bombazh occurs when the cap swell, such harvesting should be ruthlessly discarded.

However, there are many cases when a deadly toxin found in products without significantly changing their appearance.

6. It is unacceptable to preserve overripe fruits and vegetables.

7. Long-term storage prior to use canned food should be boiled for 30 minutes to break the opportunity to accumulate the toxin.

! 8. If, after the opening of banks in it found mold or bad smell, no health risk, dispose of the contents.

9. Do not buy from the hands of smoked, dried fish, meat products, canned mushrooms and vegetables.

10. The contents of open cans of canned food that had lain in the refrigerator for more than 36 hours, it is necessary once again to boil for 15-20 minutes before serving.

Canning safely with the help of a pressure cooker.

A lot of time and effort during the processing of vegetables, mushrooms, fruit will save the usual pan, pressure cooker, which have zealous housewife in almost every home.

Created in a pressure cooker overpressure allows sterilization at a temperature of 120 ° — in industrial environments.

This not only reduces sterilization time 2-4 times, saving gas or electricity boards, but also guaranteed to be destroyed molds and dangerous botulism spores.

By reducing the heat treatment time in the home preforms better preserved natural flavor, color, aroma products, and all vitamins and other biologically active substances.

With this method may be safely cook delicious quality canned meat, pickled mushrooms, which can then be safely stored for a long time.

The standard 6-liter pressure cooker fits 4 cans 0.5 liter, under which you want to install the stand for the jars. Well washed and dried cans filled with a product to be sterilized, sealed closed screw caps.

The pressure cooker is poured hot water — about 0.5-0.6 liters, so that the water level was lower than the stand at 2-3 mm. Then close the pressure cooker lid, set the valve to position 120 °. Initially produce heat over high heat until the valve is from under comes out with a hiss of steam, then reduce the heat and time intersect.

After the sterilization process heat is removed and wait until it stops hissing steam (you can gently steam pit, lifting valve with a spoon). banks
removed using a special clamp and removed to complete cooling. If the banks roll conventional disposable lids, the products are placed so that the top layer did not reach the edges of the banks in the 1-1.5 cm, or may disrupt the cover during sterilization.

Sterilization time:

Whole Marinated Cucumbers, tomatoes — 10 minutes
Sweet pepper and tomato sauce (lecho) — 8 minutes
Sophisticated vegetable salad — 20 minutes
Stuffed peppers — 20 minutes
Squash or eggplant caviar — 25 minutes
Stuffed vegetable — 25 minutes
Green peas, beans, broccoli — 25 minutes
Canned fish — 35 minutes
Pickled mushrooms — 40 minutes
Stew pork, beef — 50-60 minutes.

When sterilization mushroom stew and verify empirically that poured into the cooker water is enough for all the time of sterilization.



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