CYSTITIS — seasonal problem.

CYSTITIS — seasonal problem.

CYSTITIS — seasonal problem.

It is believed to be a very painful disease, such as acute cystitis. It occurs only in the cold season. But this disease can suddenly spoil the summer vacation.

Cystitis affects both men and women. But the representatives of the fair sex such troubles overtake many times more. This is due to the anatomical features of the female urethra (urethritis), which is wider and shorter than the male. Therefore, any infection in women easier penetrates into the bladder.

In addition, the proximity of the urethra and anus also contributes to the development of opportunistic microbes in the bladder. Acute cystitis during the life of almost all women are ill (and more than once). In some, the disease becomes chronic.

Precipitating factors for acute cystitis.

• hypothermia from prolonged bathing in cold water, being in wet clothes, sitting on the cold ground, stones.
• Violation of the usual rate of urination and defecation, when during long journeys have to endure to the toilet.
• Prolonged sitting position while traveling, when there is congestion in the pelvis.
• Constant wearing tight underwear synthetic underwear, especially strings.
• Increased sexual activity and difficulties in carrying out regular hygiene procedures.
• Abuse of fried, spicy, spicy food and alcohol.
• The sharp decline in immunity due to changing climatic zones.
• The exacerbation of general inflammation in the body (acute respiratory infections, sore throat, etc.).

Also very common cause of «summer» cystitis is water in the ponds of stagnant water (lakes, ponds, poorly cleaned pools), in which there is a large number of pathogens.

Infection of the water can penetrate into the female urethra, and then into the bladder. Activators of cystitis
the vast majority of cases, E. coli, and Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, mycoplasma and ureaplasma, chlamydia and other microorganisms.

CYSTITIS — seasonal problem.

How are we going to be treated?

It is not possible to self-medicate cystitis with chemotherapeutic drugs. Since all antibiotics can cause side effects, contraindications. Or simply can not provide the desired effect, since microbes are insensitive to them.

Therefore, it is imperative to consult a doctor. Conduct an ultrasound of the urine of the bladder for analysis. This will determine the resistance of microbes to certain antibiotics. In the future, short (3-7 days), but not effective therapy will be conducted. It is necessary to prevent the transition to the chronic form of the disease.

Unlike previous generation drugs that act on the entire body, modern antibiotics are used to treat cystitis. Act selectively, only with inflammation of the bladder.

But their right to choose and calculate the dose can only be a doctor. Patients with acute cystitis are shown calm and warm. Drink plenty of fluids.

You can take warm, sedentary baths to reduce pain. Use a heating pad on the suprapubic area. It is very easy to make a heating pad from a plastic bottle. Pour hot water into it and wrap the towel.

After completing the course of treatment, it is recommended to re-do urine culture. It is necessary to confirm the complete cure of the infection.

If you are unlucky and acute cystitis has already developed, we cannot waste precious time and think that everything will go by itself. The sooner the correct treatment is ensured, the less likely it is that the disease will proceed to the next stage. Relapses occur very often — from the slightest exposure to cold, a glass of wine or intimacy.

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