Stomach treatment.

Medicine for the stomach. Stomach treatment.

Many people know about the medicinal properties of birch fungus. But if there are still people who did not have to deal with this natural remedy, then I am ready to share my own experience with them.

Like many of my fellow sufferers on the whole planet, I got a gastritis, and then a stomach ulcer, even in my youth. I do not know what caused the illness, or the heavy military routine, or student life.

But the fact remains, by the age of 25 I already had a chronic chronic gastritis with regular exacerbations.
Further worse, like most young people, could not be treated because of the lack of time. And periodic pain and discomfort in the stomach can be tolerated. But when the patience was no longer enough, for about thirty years, I had to go to the examination and «rejoice» in the detected ulcer.

Further life was manifested in a very unattractive light. There were constant restrictions, compliance with diets. In general, it took me a short time. Everything returned to normal — and irregular food, and food in the draft. There were periodic, though not very frequent, holidays.

Only when the stomach got sick again, somewhere in a year. Felt, I was scared seriously. I didn’t want to be in the hospital. The prospect of spending my whole life on a diet was also not happy.

I was interested in alternative methods of treating gastritis and ulcers.

I first learned about chag fifteen years ago. Therefore, I was inspired by numerous assurances about the healing properties of this mushroom. I decided to try.

I had to rummage in a huge amount of literature. Got acquainted with an incredible mass of recipes. Chose and consulted with doctors. Stopped at one.

Stomach treatment.

For those interested, I am writing a recipe. I want the recipe to have the same effect on you.
The fungus must be thoroughly washed. Cleared of bark. Grate.

If you are using a dried product. It is pre-soaked for 15-20 minutes in cold water. For one part of the fungus take 5 parts of warm boiled water. The temperature does not exceed 50 ° C. Pour and insist two days.

Then infusion should be filtered. Pre-press sediment.
The daily dose is 3 cups. Drink half an hour before meals.

Remember that the infusion is stored for no more than 4 days in the fridge.
And, I can assure you, all the songs of praise for chaga are not idle chatter. After I started using the drug from chagi. It took many years. But neither gastritis, nor even the ulcer is known to me.
They left my body.



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