How to treat hair loss with folk remedies

How to treat hair loss with folk remedies

How to treat hair loss with folk remedies

With androgenic alopecia can not do without the use of hormonal drugs. Only a dermatologist can correctly prescribe effective pills, ointments and creams. However, in this case (especially in the initial stage) is not excluded the possibility of using folk remedies against hair loss.

Vegetable oils

Our grandmothers dabbed their hair with castor oil (castor oil extract) after washing. They became greasy, but they stopped falling out and did not break. It is advisable to rub the oil into the scalp, wrap with a towel, leave for some time (40 minutes to five hours), then wash your head with shampoo. And so with the frequency of one or three times a week.

There are folk recipes for hair loss using other oils: olive oil, sea buckthorn, linseed oil. To external procedures is useful to add the use of inside. For three months before breakfast for half an hour drink a tablespoon of oil.

Flaxseed oil is in second place after fish oil for the content of useful polyunsaturated acids omega-3.


Carrots are not only useful for improving vision. Thanks to its vitamin and antioxidant properties, a wide range of trace elements it contains, it has beneficial effects on hair growth in men, stops them falling out. Make a mask of fresh carrots, grated on a fine grater, or squeeze 250 ml of juice and add a tablespoon of starch, one teaspoon of honey and olive oil and one egg yolk.

Red pepper

Hot pepper has a local irritant effect because it contains capsaicin. Blood rushes to the scalp, more intensely infused with oxygen. A greater effect is achieved by saturation with alkaloids, carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements.

Tincture of red pepper is sold in the pharmacy. You can also make it yourself by putting one red pod in 100 ml of alcohol and keeping it in the dark for 14-15 days.

To prevent burns and allergic reactions, first test the remedy by applying a small amount of liquid on the skin behind the ear. For a more gentle action add herbal extract. Use twice a week.


Mustard powder is often included in folk recipes for baldness. It also has a locally irritating property. To it, add water (to achieve a mushy consistency), honey (10 g per 5 g of powder), blue clay (20 g) or egg yolk and a glass of strong tea. Rub into the scalp, leave under a film or a bathing cap for 30 minutes, wash off with a decoction of herbs.


Perhaps the simplest homemade, but no less effective option for stimulating hair growth in men is the use of sea salt or iodized salt. We rub it on the spots where the hair is thinning and then wrap a towel around it. Hold it until it starts to itch (from 15 minutes to one hour), wash your head with shampoo.


How to treat hair loss with folk remedies

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