Hair strengthening.

Hair strengthening.

Hair strengthening.

Strengthens the hair by natural means.

Hair strengthening. Thick, lustrous hair is always decorated with a woman and show her good health. Hair strengthening. 

If the hair began to fade, to fall out, you need to think about why this is happening, and try, if possible, remove the cause.

Hair strengthening.

The reason may be the same stress, mental fatigue, endocrine disorders, and primarily related to the thyroid gland.

The cause of hair loss can be even climate change — it is also a lot of stress for our body.
In the southern edges, and in the north of sunny days wearing a hat from the sun.

The reason for the deterioration of the condition of hair and hairstyle can be, tightening the hair, so I advise you, when you come home, to dissolve the hair and give them freedom.

It will help stop hair loss as well as improve their appearance scalp massage. It should be done in the opposite direction of hair growth: from the neck up. Massage the hair from 2 to 5 minutes at least every day.

Masks and hair washing. Hair strengthening.

I advise you to wash your hair yogurt or kefir, also good to use buttermilk, or whey.

I myself once a week to make kefir hair mask. The fact that dairy products are rich in lecithin, which nourishes the hair.

Even richer egg yolk lecithin. It is useful to do over again kefir and egg yolk mask, and you can make a mask of a mixture of yogurt and egg yolk.

Hair help grass.

Some plants improves blood circulation in the scalp and it helps revitalize hair follicles, hair growth.

These herbs include nettle and nettle, thyme (creeping thyme), gentian.

I must say that these herbs not only improve microcirculation, but also enrich the microelements, which is essential for hair recovery.

Apart from these herbs are rich in hair the necessary minerals and trace elements horsetail, knotweed, hop (not just hop cones, but also leaves and whole plant as a whole), corn, galeopsis, sage, ginseng, henna, cornflower, licorice.

It has been observed that the application of licorice and sage hair starts to grow faster.
Use herbs recommend a mask: Apply a finely comminuted steamed grass on the scalp.

It is also possible to rub a strong infusion of these herbs or collection of several plants in the scalp and left for about 40 minutes.

Immediately, I note that the use of grass for hair restoration must be at least six months, it is better to use the same grass all the time — and then your hair will not your problem, and your pride.

Medicinal herbal oils.

To strengthen the hair can be rubbed into the hair for 40 minutes before washing burdock oil, licorice or sage.

I recommend to adopt yolk mask with the addition of herbal oils: Mix egg yolk, a teaspoon of castor oil and a teaspoon of burdock oil with peppers (this mixture buy at the pharmacy, pepper activates the «sleeping» hair follicles and prevents alopecia).

In addition you can add to the mix of vitamins A and E, squeezing it two capsules pharmacy Aevitum drug. The resulting mixture rub into the scalp for 20-30 minutes before washing and for insulation, wear a shower cap cellophane.

By toning down the gray hairs.

I myself do not dye your hair, and toning gray hair with herbs. I am preparing a mixture of the following herbs, taken in equal parts: hop cones, birch leaf, chamomile flowers, nettle, sage, horsetail, and knotweed.

The mixture was ground in a coffee grinder to a powder. I take a handful of this powder, pour hot water to get a paste, which is put on the hair for 30-40 minutes.
This mixture nourishes the hair, gives it rigidity and elasticity, and gray hair is blond.

Cutting hair on the moon.

It has long been observed that the day of the lunar cycle, when the hair was cut, affecting their growth and health. Mowing the waning moon strengthens hair and promotes their recovery, but the hair will grow back slowly.

If you are interested in the rapid regrowth of hair, then cut the them growing Moon.

Hair strengthening.

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