Beautiful hair.

Beautiful hair.

How to keep a lush head of hair?

Beautiful hair.

Many women fall into a panic when they notice that the once lush hair starts to thin out. Beautiful hair.
Gray hair can just paint, and what to do if they fall? Today we tell about the medical and popular methods of getting rid of this problem.

Causes of hair loss.

It is believed that when hair loss genes play a key role, and sex hormones. It is sad, but one of the worst enemies of luxury hairstyles are the male sex hormones. The fact that elevated androgen levels adversely affects the hair follicles, resulting in hair nutrition is broken, they weaken and fall. In women blood also contains androgens, but due to hormonal disorders can increase their level.

The lack of female sex hormones (estrogens) also leads to problems with the hair. This is especially true in the menopause, when hormonal balance is disturbed.

Beautiful hair.

Causes of hair loss so much that they may be confused.

The main task of the expert — to find the root of the problem. We will list only the main ones:

• Hair loss in women can occur with the use of certain drugs: antidepressants, antibiotics.

• Stress, emotional turmoil, chronic fatigue, depression.

• Diseases of the immune system, severe surgery scar skin changes.

• fad diets and unbalanced nutrition lead to eating disorders in the tissues surrounding the hair follicles.

• Restructuring of the body at certain times of life can also lead to intense hair loss …

Methods of time-tested.

Medical treatments — this is certainly good, but they did not cancel the non-traditional methods to combat hair loss — those that are still using our great-grandmothers. Here are the most simple, but fairly effective folk remedies.

• 1 part nettle leaves mixed with 1 part of leaves mother and stepmother.
6 tablespoons. spoon mixture pour 1 liter of boiling water, leave for 30 minutes. Cool, used for washing the hair. Infusion prevents hair loss.

• Lots of baldness have to rub the juice or gruel of crushed garlic. For the same purpose can approach raw onion.

• The leaves and roots of burdock, boil in a small amount of water, chop, grind with fresh butter. Rub into the hair roots.

• Good rub into the roots of a mixture prepared from 1 tbsp. spoons mayonnaise 1 h. spoon castor oil and 1 hour. honey. Top to tie a scarf and leave for 30-40 minutes. Then wash your hair.

• Olive oil is spread over the hair, apply on the scalp massage movements. After 15 minutes, the oil washed with shampoo. It is best used in the form of heat.

• Orange peel from 2-3 oranges, add the water, let it brew for 3 hours, and then this water wash down. The tool helps to add shine and shine and nourishes hair.

Beautiful hair.

Recipes based on aloe.

This plant traditionally occupies a niche in our life. Outwardly very unsightly. But still often found in apartments. Aloe arborescens and aloe vera are widely used in medicine and cosmetics. Juice and pulp of aloe used to treat hair. Moisturizes the skin. The plant has antibacterial action. Stimulates blood circulation, hair growth and metabolism in cells ….

Here are a few recipes.

• Lower the fleshy leaves of aloe into the water. Wash, wrap with a clean cloth. Refrigerate for 12 days. Then squeeze the juice. Rub into the damaged area with hair loss and alopecia.

• Take 1 egg yolk. Add a teaspoon of castor oil, a few drops of garlic juice, a tablespoon of aloe juice and 3 tablespoons of broth nettle. Cook for 15 minutes in a water bath. They let it cool down. Apply the mask to the scalp. Put on a warm towel. Hold 30 to 50 minutes.

• To stop hair loss. You need to make a poultice of aloe juice for a month, which is mixed with onion juice and honey for 1 hour. Spoon plus 1 hour. A teaspoon of dry mustard and 1 egg yolk. It must be rubbed into the skin. Keep at least an hour.

Beer — the elixir for hair growth.

Malt and hops are rich in vitamins. They nourish and repair damaged hair follicles.

• Add a spoonful of olive oil to a glass of beer. Stir. Apply for the entire length of the hair for 20 minutes. Rinse well with water.

• Add half-bulb juice in 0.5 liters of beer. Mix well. Apply to damp, clean hair for 15 minutes. Rinse hair with herbal decoction (sage, chamomile).

• in 100 ml of beer add a tablespoon of rum and egg yolk. Mix and apply on hair. After 20 minutes rinse with water and lemon juice (1 teaspoon per 1 liter of water).

• 2 slices of rye bread pour 2 cups of light beer. Infuse for 2 hours. Apply mass to the hair. Top with a polyethylene hat and scarf. To sustain 30 minutes. Rinse out.

Change the way of life!

To prevent hair loss, sometimes enough to change lifestyle and nutrition. Try to eliminate stress. In the diet to add vitamins and minerals. More fruits, vegetables, preferably raw and with skin, because it contains silicon, which accelerates the growth of hair. Eggs, milk, liver, cheese, fish, dried fruits, bran and herbs are useful. Do not overeat. Limit the consumption of carbonated drinks, tea, coffee, sugar.


Beautiful hair.




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