Chicken diet.

Chicken diet.

Chicken diet.

Best way to lose weight fast.

Today, chicken meat is the most popular product. Since thanks to him the prepared dish turns out not only tasty and satisfying, but also low-calorie.

Therefore, since a long time it is an integral part of many programs for weight loss. Chicken diet will always be welcome in those who can not completely abandon the use of meat products.

Chicken diet helps to get rid of a week of 5-6 kg. There are many diets to help get rid of excess weight.

The choice of weight loss method will depend on many factors. From what results you want to achieve and for what period of time.
There is a diet that is based on vegetables. There are, in the basis of which — fruit. But there is also a diet in which chicken meat is the basis. «How to lose weight, eat meat?» — You want to know.

It’s very simple, but you have to follow the rules of the chicken diet.
As it became clear from the title, the main product is chicken. Meat can be cooked in various ways. But it must be low-fat.

In addition, meat for chicken diets can also be consumed with fresh vegetables and fruits, performing one set of salads. Permits for chicken diet and rice and potatoes. You can drink fresh juices and even beer or wine. But not more than one glass of alcohol, which you can drink per day.

Chicken diet should be designed so that about half of the diet was just a chicken. With a chicken diet per day, you should consume no more than 1200 calories.

It is preferable to create your own menu. So that, along with food, you will receive all the necessary elements for a full life of the body. The duration of the chicken diet can not be more than five days. During the diet you will lose about 5-6 kg.

Other variants of diets.

On chicken broth. Diet on chicken soup refers to a fairly common weight loss programs. It lasts a week and allows you to remove about 9 kg. The essence of this program is that during the day in 5-7 receptions it is necessary to drink 1-1.5 liters of chicken broth. Use it better in hot condition.

Water in this case can be drunk in unlimited quantities. But subject to certain rules. Not later than 30 minutes before meals. 2 hours after eating.

Other products must be discarded. But if the feeling of hunger becomes intolerable, then you can eat a few dietary loaves or toast.

How delicious to cook broth.

Recipes for broth are quite simple. The chicken falls into cold water. After the water boils, you need to remove the «noise» (foam) with a spoon. Slightly reduce the fire to an average level. Then, and at all to the weak.

Boil the chicken breast until the meat is ready. When there is about 30 minutes left, you can add parsley, carrots, celery, onions and salt to taste.

If such a regime can not be tolerated. It is recommended to lose weight on chicken soup, where boiled vegetables are added to the broth. On such a soup you can easily hold out for a week.

Chicken diet.



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