Cottage cheese diet.

Cottage cheese diet

Cottage cheese diet.

Beautiful waist will never work without being connected to the diet process. Diet will affect the problem area. At the same time adjust the entire figure.

Among people who track weight, today people are more popular. Curd diet is not only used to maintain constant weight. But also for weight loss. In the case of losing weight, a person has the ability to lose up to seven pounds.

Dieters eat only two products: yogurt and cottage cheese. These products provide enough energy. That is why the feeling of hunger disappears immediately after eating. If you do not like regular cheese. You can make a casserole from it. High-quality cheese will not change. Greater effect occurs when adding bran to the diet, food intake.

Cottage cheese diet.

Such a diet is quite easy to carry. Because you really do not need to starve. You just need to limit yourself in some products. Dairy products contain large amounts of calcium and protein. They help to lose weight. Naturally, this diet is not suitable for people with poor digestion of lactose. It is found in all dairy products. If you do not tolerate lactose, it makes sense to think about choosing other diets.

First option.

It is necessary to eat hundred grams of cheese four times a day, adding a one to two teaspoons of bran from wheat. Before the use of bran is necessary to fill them with boiling water and leave for about twenty minutes or thirty, then the water must be drained. cottage cheese is also recommended to be mixed with fruit, fresh honey, any vegetables and berries.

From the daily requirement of curd can even cook cottage cheese casserole, and add the vegetables, fruits and dried fruits. Baked pudding with berries and sweet frktami turns itself, so it is no longer necessary to add sugar, but already in the preparation of casseroles, vegetables or herbs with no need to add salt to it. For breakfast and late dinner in the performance of this diet is recommended to drink a glass of kefir.

The second option.

Eat sixty grams of cottage cheese with a fat content of about 9%, and to drink one glass of milk five times a day.

The third option.

It is necessary to distribute five hundred grams of low-fat cottage cheese and two glasses of yogurt between five meals.

Cottage cheese diet.




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