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Many years ago I received a prescription for medicinal tea. WONDERFUL TEA. It was used in many Russian monasteries. It is believed that this tea heals almost all diseases. Cleans and nourishes the body.

With this tea, my daughter got rid of chronic anemia. She was not helped — neither pharmacy, nor folk. And I drank tea, and everything returned to normal. We need this tea for the elderly.

Because the years are not in vain for our health. It turns out: you will make good, but you will lose health. This tea helps not to waste energy.

For all I will explain in detail how to make a monastery tea.

At first it may seem that it is troublesome. But this is only at first glance. I have already got used to prepare this tea continuously and treat all friends, no one refused. And the prescription for many is now recorded.


Take half a cup of dog rose and root elektampana. Fill them with 5 liters of boiling water. Set to a very low temperature for an hour or two. Then put a tablespoon of St. John’s wort and oregano there, as well as a bit of the root of a wild rose. Add 2 teaspoons of tea, which you usually drink. Let the hour infuse, strain, and all — tea is ready.

Drink it should be no rules as regular tea.

My advice. Prepare tea in the morning and drink during the day. Interestingly, the herbal cake, which remains after the stress, can again be filled with water and evaporated. And so use the herb until the broth gives color.

You can say that if you drink this tea regularly, you do not have to see a doctor. Pressure, as well as digestive problems, I decided. And my male joints get better. Not so hurt. And I think there are a lot of vitamins in this tea. We are not sick with the flu.
I advise everyone: to prepare this tea for your family, and the disease will bypass your side.





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