Varicose veins.

Varicose veins. Ointment for smooth legs.

I know that many women have problems with the veins on their legs. In other words, with varicose veins.
As a legacy of my grandmother, I had a prescription for an ointment from the veins. Ointment, which acts very quickly. Gives a good therapeutic effect. Prepare this ointment as follows.

Mix 2 tbsp. Spoons powder of camomile flowers, 2 tbsp. Spoons of powder from sage flowers, 50 g of powdered chestnut fruit, a teaspoon of potato starch and 200 g of chicken fat.

All this mixture must be poured on the water bath for 2.5 hours and insist 10 hours. Then reheat to a boil and strain. I’m using this ointment
Cured the beginning varicose veins — just lubricated sore spots several times a day.

And one more tip: if you feel that your legs are starting to get tired more than usual, carefully take a closer look — did not they see a set of veins.
If you notice something alarming, do not hesitate to begin treatment. To begin with, buy special compression tights or at least knee socks. They helped me a lot. And prepare the ointment, it’s easy, but there’s a chance
Do not run the disease.


Varicose veins



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