WHAT varicose veins?

WHAT varicose veins

WHAT varicose veins?

Treatment of varicose veins on the legs.

WHAT varicose veins? Each phlebologist know that varicose veinsor varicose veins — this is primarily a consequence of a certain lifestyle. Spending a long time standing or sitting without movement, the person creates the preconditions for developing varicose veins.  WHAT varicose veins?              

Why is developing varicose veins? In fact, the development of varicose veins may contribute to many factors. First, heredity, which is of great importance to assess the likelihood of varicose veins. There are cases when the disease has a pronounced «Family» nature — are ill varicose veins almost all family members on the downlink. Second, the sexual identity.

According to statistics, women suffer from varicose veins 3-4 times more often than men. This allowed at one time even to suggest that the disease is genetically programmed. Although it is more likely that the cause of this is pregnancy and childbirth. With a certain degree of certainty, it can be argued that the first signs of varicose veins during pregnancy occur in 50% of women.
Changes in hormonal levels cause a decrease in venous tone. The growing uterus compresses the veins of the pelvis. This leads to an increase in pressure in the veins of the legs.

Treatment of varicose veins on the legs.

Most of the venous stresses are experienced during childbirth. They significantly expanded due to a sharp increase in intrauterine pressure.

To the list of causes of varicose veins and related work associated with heavy lifting. Increased intrauterine pressure during stress of abdominal muscles causes an increase in venous pressure. Then the veins are dila

This is equally dangerous for a person engaged in heavy physical labor. Those who are very interested in training in the gym.
And also long work on legs.

If the profession is associated with a prolonged stay on the feet, a person automatically introduces the risk of developing varicose veins. When standing or sitting, the veins experience increased stress.

And again, hormonal agents.

This risk factor refers to women with regard to drugs containing female sex hormones. Estrogens and progestins.
It should be noted that the presence of only one of these factors does not mean an absolutely accurate appearance of varicose veins.
But still you need to be on your guard. When difficulties arise in the legs, consult a phlebologist.

Medical consultation becomes necessary. The above factors indicate the timely detection of the disease. Start treatment in a timely manner. Take the necessary measures.


To successfully treated varicose veins should be adjusted lifestyle. But few patients find it necessary to change his life, taking advantage of the recommendations offered by the phlebologist.

People are the same everywhere, and often varicose veins seen them on later stages of development, when it is necessary to treat venous thrombosis, or phlebeurysm. Moreover, patients in the medium is still widely believed that the varicose veins is not a dangerous disease. And this is a mistake, because the complications of varicose veins are extremely dangerous diseases.This primarily venous thrombosis — a condition in which a blood clot forms (thrombus) in the vein lumen.

Medical experts term «thrombosis» refers to the defeat of the deep veins. Venous thrombosis — a rather serious complication of varicose veins, dramatically worsens the prognosis of the disease and the effectiveness of treatment.
The main cause of this disease is a late visit to a doctor or a gross violation of medical recommendations.

Thrombophlebitis — inflammation and thrombosis of superficial veins. The most dangerous option superficial thrombophlebitis is the so-called «acute ascending thrombophlebitis of the transition to the deep veins.» As a rule, it occurs only in the case of delayed treatment to the doctor, or if non-compliance with its recommendations, often requires immediate surgical intervention.

Treatment of varicose veins on the legs.

Trophic disorders, trophic ulcers. This is the inevitable result of varicose veins in the absence of treatment. As a result of the disturbance of the tissue nutrition and inflammation, the compaction of the subcutaneous tissue develops. There is thinning and darkening of the skin, accompanied by the formation of trophic ulcers. Such ulcers there for a long time are resistant to treatment, very slowly closed.

Trophic disorders dramatically increase the treatment time and reduces its effectiveness. And it is worth noting that the trophic disorders — the lot, not only elderly patients. About 15% of patients younger than 40 years old with large pronounced lesions of the saphenous veins already have trophic disorders.

Bleeding from varicose veins. Quite serious, and sometimes life-threatening complication of varicose veins.
Over long-existing varicose veins, the skin becomes thinner. The slightest trauma can lead to bleeding.


WHAT varicose veins?


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